Monday, December 24, 2018

Plus Size Outfit Ideas for Holiday/Christmas Office Parties

The most wonderful time of the year often comes with a fair amount of stress. Between gift shopping and get-togethers, you might feel a little overwhelmed. One thing you don't have to worry about this year, however, is what to wear to your holiday office party! Freelance Lady has you covered.

These four plus size Christmas party outfit ideas can serve as inspiration or you can purchase the entire outfit (links to buy are below each image). Alternatively, the pieces for each holiday office party outfit can be mixed and matched to make them casual or formal, depending on the kind of office party you're attending.

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Peplum & Pencil Skirt with Deep Red Lipstick

This outfit is subtle and sexy, while staying in the holiday spirit. The boots will keep your feet high and dry, safe from the slushy ground (if there happens to be snow in your area).

Casual Tunic & Cardigan with Waist Belt

Choose super warm leggings to keep your legs cozy and comfortable during your holiday party. Pair them with a long tunic, a waist belt, some booties, and a blazer for a comfortable, stylish look.

Cool, Comfortable Hues

For areas where it's warmer around the holidays, a simple pencil skirt, tank top, and short-sleeved cardigan will keep you comfortable while also showing off some cool colors for the winter season.

Super Festive Animal Prints

If you're a little more bold, animal prints paired with vibrant reds can turn a traditional outfit into one that's ready for a holiday event.
Do you follow any particular fashion rules when dressing for holiday parties? Let me know in the comments!

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