Friday, September 8, 2017

Scary Halloween Costume for Women: Angel of Death

For some, Halloween is all about dressing up in a cute costume and looking your best. For others, however, Halloween simply must have a scary element. I'm somewhere in between. I like to look nice, but I also like to be scary.

This year, I wanted to come up with a costume idea for other people like me. I searched high and low for ways to create a scary, yet beautiful, Halloween costume. This is what I came up with.

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Because I love Gothic/Medieval fashion, I wanted to implement that into the costume idea. These dresses add a gorgeous touch to the costume.

To make the Angel of Death costume, there had to be wings. Finally, it had to be dressed up with boots, black lipstick, and some very scary white-out contacts. Add a scythe or an axe and the look is complete!

While I won't be wearing this costume this year, I hope to do something similar next year.

Get The Look!

Note: Scythe pictured here is over $200. You can find inexpensive costume scythes on Amazon. Lipstick is Lime Crime's Velvetine's Liquid Matte Lipstick ($20). Contacts may be purchased online or at your local Halloween store.

Happy Halloween!

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