Monday, November 14, 2016

Advantages of the Home Tuition & Why Is It Better For My Child?

Home tuition is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. The practice of hiring a tutor at home has become a necessity in many countries such as Singapore. Moreover, it is getting popular amongst North American students nowadays as well.

Many parents wonder whether Home tuition agency or tuition centre education is better for their children. In the text below, we have outlined the benefits of a child studying at home.

1. Attention provided by the tutor

According to recent studies, the average student who studies at home with a tutor shows better results. When your child studies with a teacher at home, he receives the undivided attention which is of extreme importance for him. The study reaffirms that home tuition has, even more, advantages than the teaching facilities.

The one-to-one sessions allow the tutor to pay more attention to the child’s weak points. He can create personalized tutoring sessions aimed towards these troublesome areas.

Another benefit is that the children might like the tutor and show better results. Also, your child will be free to answer ask any questions he wants to. Click here to find out more about home tuition.

2. No need of traveling

Home tuitions happen at your preferred location, which eliminates the hassles of traveling to the educational facility for both the child and the parent. Most parents are on tight schedules trying to balance work and family activities.

This means that every parent and teacher won’t waste time moving to a different location. Your child will have significantly more time to rest, which is important after long school sessions.

3. Greater flexibility

Home tutors have a more flexible schedule, and they can adjust to the student’s plans. The tuition centre has a fixed timetable, and your child must be punctual.

Also, students can determine whether they want to increase the lesson frequency during examination periods.

Moreover, your child won’t forfeit lessons given the fact that they can be quickly rescheduled.

4. Choosing the right tutor

  • Junior College / Undergraduate / Polytechnic - These tutors will relate to the situation your kid is going through. This means that they can quickly establish a connection and work together seamlessly. The drawback is that they might be unavailable if they have academic obligations
  • Part-Time Teacher: Part-time tutors are more experienced, but they have a limited working time. In most cases, their free time is limited to evenings and weekends.
  • Full-Time Tutor: This is their main occupation, which means that they have a whole day to work with students. These teachers have been doing this for a long time and they have much more experience than other tutors.
  • Certified Tutor: These are the teachers who charge the most due to the fact that they are considered experts in their profession. They should be able to determine, which are the student’s weakest areas and how to work things out.
Group tuition is significantly more cheaper than home tuition, but it doesn’t provide as much benefits. When choosing a tutor, you must consider your budget and the needs of your child. If you can afford the best for your child, then the home tutor will provide the best results. If you are having trouble finding the right teacher for your kid, contact a tuition agency to ensure your requirements are met before you commit to a tutor.

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