Friday, November 11, 2016

Know Animal Welfare Laws for Your Pet

Every pet owner must live up fully to the expectations of their dear pets. These animals are like children of the house, a part of the family. No dog owner can ever deny the contributions of happiness the pet has in their lives. In fact, for owners suffering from acute mental health issues, when there is no one to talk to or understand him, the dog or cat may be the only soul to talk to and get some relief! However, many people irrevocably fail to appreciate this bond of friendship between souls. Among these, there might be the landlord of your establishment. Tenants regularly have to face serious trouble, even amounting to eviction notices, due to no-pet policies enacted on the premises by the property owner.

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The Law On Your Side

Pet owners trapped in such troublesome scenarios need not despair and go deeper into their anxiety syndromes. The law is on your side. Do you know that according to a 1988 Act, a landlord is obliged to allow the pet in the premises to support the needs of the emotional companionship of a distressed tenant? The Fair Housing Amendments Act was a milestone achievement in this regard. It recognized the therapeutic value of having a pet around and allowed provisions for legal immunity for the animal on the basis of an ESA certificate. The emotional support animal laws further extend to the Air Access Carriers Act, which permits air travel for pets if the owner can furnish the ESA certificate. You can obtain this licensure within a day by a credible online service. Visit the website, go through the resources, and fill a comprehensive application form.

The Contents of The Certificate

What should you expect from an ESA certificate? Always be careful to verify whether it consists of a signed and dated letter of acknowledgment from a reputed doctor. The therapist should clearly mention over his letterhead that the patient is suffering from this and this mental conditions. The letterhead would further mention the therapeutic value of having a support animal around. This signed document is held valid in any court of law to establish the rights of the helpless animals. However, a tenant may still face problems because the landlord might be simply unaware of the applicability of any such law! Nevertheless, you can always have a lawyer backing your claim. The certificates you purchase online could either consist of allowance for housing, allowance for air travel, or for both, according to the package you select at the website.

However, there are certain specific instances where the aforementioned emotional support animal laws can be invalid. For example, if you are the owner of a vicious dog that poses threat to children and adults, the landlord has all the rights to deny permission. The pet owner must commit to the fact that the pet would not be a cause of nuisance at the premises. Another quite unique circumstance of denial is obligatory when the rental complex has no more than 4 living units, and the property owner stays in one of the rooms along with the tenant.

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