Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Questions You May Have When Starting to Wear a CPAP Mask

In order for a person to function normally on a daily basis, they will need to get the right amount of sleep each night. Getting a good night’s sleep can be a lot easier said than done for people who suffer with sleep apnea. This condition will cause a person to stop breathing during their sleep and can lead to restless nights and a variety of other negative health consequences. One of the most used treatments for this condition is a CPAP machine. This machine provides a steady flow of oxygen via the CPAP mask to you while you are sleeping. Below are some of the questions you may have when first starting to wear one of these masks.

How Do You Get Used to Wearing It?

One of the biggest problems that most people will face when starting to wear resmed cpap masks is getting used to the way they feel. Some people will really struggle with trying to wear this mask at night due to the discomfort it causes them. One of the best ways to get used to this mask is by wearing it as much as possible throughout the day. By doing this, you will be able to get acclimated to the way it feels, which will allow you to fall asleep easier at night with it on.

What If My CPAP Mask Causes an Allergic Reaction?

For some people, wearing masks or any other product that contains things like latex is impossible due to the allergic reaction it can cause. If you start to notice that you are developing a rash due to the mask, you will have to stop wearing it until you figure out what to do. By calling the doctor that has provided you with the CPAP mask, you will be able to find out what type of alternative masks they offer.

What If the Flow of Oxygen Prohibits Me From Falling Asleep?

Another very common problem that you may experience when trying to wear a CPAP mask for the first time is the inability to fall asleep due to the oxygen being forced into the mask. The ramp is what doctors call the setting of the oxygen on a CPAP mask. If the ramp seems to be too high, then you will need to contact your doctor to find out whether or not you can adjust it.

By staying in close contact with your doctor, you will be able to get the right CPAP adjustments with ease.

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