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6 Tips for Writing a Love Poem

Like any other woman, when I was a girl, I dreamed about marrying Prince Charming on a white horse, but time is running… all princes have left their horses and armors, they’ve put on their suits and sat in their cars. Today you won’t see a battle for a girls’ heart or a man who is singing the ballad under his woman’s window – “Times change, and we change with them.”
But who says that romance is dead? I am a single mother, and a few days ago, my eldest son came up to me and told me about a girl he likes. His eyes were sparkling, he seemed so inspired, and guess what?! He decided to write love poems for her to express his feelings! It was just a lovely moment, and I bet each one of you would be happy to receive such a sweet sign of attention from a man. Because such things as music, art or your own love poems can tell much more than any words in the world!

If you can’t create love poems yourself, but you still want to surprise your dearest, you can check out for some websites that offer “write my essay for me” type of help, and maybe a professional author can help you out.
Poetry is a pure sign of love!
Many people who are in love, may soon start writing their own poetry, even if previously they have never done this. Have you ever wondered why? Many say that love inspires and lends wings to a person! And what could be a better way to appreciate your “better half” for being there with you, than if you do something special for this person? Something that comes straight from your heart?!
My post is for everyone who loves and is being loved; here you will find out some useful tricks on how to write a poem for your loved ones!

Start with child poems
If you have an idea to write a sweet poetry for your second half, it is good to start practicing on lines for children because those are much easier to create. By following this tip, you will have a great opportunity to practice your writing skills, become more experienced, and have a bit of fun as well!
Write from your heart
Of course, when you are creating short romantic love poems for someone you love, you want to make them perfect. And there is no some “special” trick to do it. I guarantee that if you are writing with all your heart, put all of your ideas, words, love and efforts into your lines – they certainly will be the best! Therefore, don’t force yourself to write something. The muse is capricious, and she comes whenever she wants. Just let your creativity rule the process and be ready to take lots of notes whenever some good lines would suddenly come to your mind!
Don’t use famous passages
Of course, you may need certain help if this is your first time writing a poem, but using someone else’s ideas or passages from famous poems is a bad approach towards such a creative process. It ruins the whole idea of making something from the heart. Be yourself, express your individuality and feelings! Maybe your poetry wouldn’t sound flawless at first. It may lack rhyme or rhythm, but it will be true and full of love – and this is the most important criteria.
Paper and pen
Do not rely on your memory all the time! When you don’t store your rhymes, you will forget them very quickly, even if you are sure that it’s not possible to forget, so just note them down and don’t risk.  Always take a paper and pen with you. It’ll give you a possibility to note down all your quotes, ideas, rhymes, and so on.
Ask for help
If you feel confused or unsure – it’s okay! It is natural that writing poetry for the first time in your life seems like a real challenge; probably you have no idea what to write in poems, what style to choose, how to pick rhymes, and so on. But there is nothing wrong about asking for help! You can ask your friends to read your lines and give their opinion, or you can look at some useful tips to develop your skills; use any source of information that would help you rid of the confusion!
Prepare a list

Note all the words that you think can reflect and reveal your feelings. Just relax and let words pop up in your mind automatically when you are thinking about your beloved one.

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Alyssa Johnson is a blogger and freelance writer. Her lifestyle credo is "The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart."

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