Sunday, January 1, 2017

Paw Patrol Skye Night Light - 3D Light FX Deco Lights

Ireland is afraid of the dark, so we purchased a plug-in-the-wall night light. It didn't seem to illuminate the room very much and she kept trying to tinker with it, so I removed it, deeming it too hazardous.

Later, we switched to a battery operated push light, which is what we're currently using. I don't feel particularly comfortable using this light (I make sure to turn it off after she falls asleep) because it produces a fair amount of heat.

A little over a week ago, I was turned on to Deco Lights by 3D Light FX.

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I was drawn in by the fact that the lights never get hot to the touch. Of course, when I saw Skye from Paw Patrol, that was another plus! Not only is this little light a safe solution to our bedtime problem, but Ireland is obsessed with Paw Patrol—I knew this light would be a hit! 

The lights itself is cordless, operated by three AA batteries (not included). It comes with a wall decal, screws, anchors, and the light. The light is an LED, so it never gets hot, and it uses less than 0.45W per hour. It also shuts off after an hour, so you're not going to be draining your battery all night long.

Don't let the cool light fool you; installation was a breeze. The instructions featured images that were easy to follow.

You simply place the sticker where you want it on the wall, make sure that it's level, and press it firmly so that it sticks.

Using a straight-edge, you gently rub the decal to transfer it to the wall.

Once you're certain that the decal has been transferred, slowly peel off the paper to reveal the finished design. If you notice that the decal is still on the paper, just press it back in place and rub some more until it's completely transferred.

Once the decal has been successfully transferred, you can drill the holes to set the anchors. The anchors and screws were inside of the battery compartment of the light.

There are two convenient marks on the decal to show where you'll need to drill. Once your anchors are set, twist in the screws, and then you're ready to install the batteries.

After your batteries are in and working, just hang the light onto the screws. A quick tap turns the light on and off.

Check out the video to see the light in action.

The amount of light produced is not a lot. It's more of a soft glow, but it's comforting to Ireland. The Skye from Paw Patrol night light retails around $20 and can be found at Target.

There are, however, dozens of other options available, including Star Wars, Marvel Superheroes, Disney Princesses, and basic lights, like sports and nature.

The lights are great for a child's bedroom, but they're also a great addition to a recreation room, den, man cave, or even an in-home bar.

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