Tuesday, March 7, 2017

How To Write Profitable Classified Ads and Earn a Supplemental Income

Ask someone right now if they'd be interested in making more money and more often than not, the answer will be yes. For many people, earning more money means working a nine to five job in hopes of saving for the future. For others, making more money means starting a "side hustle," where they can supplement their day job's income.

One popular side hustle is selling items online through classified ads. Only a few years ago, selling items meant having an ad taken out in a newspaper. Today, you can post your ad, virtually free of cost, all over the internet, thanks to the rise in online classifieds websites like Craigslist and eBay.

People with a truck will often pick up items listed for free on these websites, fix up the item, and then sell it for a profit. However, it's not as simple as it sounds. The basic ingredient to selling items is writing profitable sales ads. If you want your side business to succeed, you must be able to write ads that actually sell your product.

What makes an ad great? What makes an ad terrible?

First and foremost, an ad must appeal to the reader and secondly, it must produce the desired results.

Ads that are bland, basic, and without enthusiasm are typically scanned past without being given a second thought. Here is an example of an ad that is boring and likely to be overlooked:

Chair for sale. $30. Call Fred at 555-555-5555.

If you were scrolling through an online classifieds website, chances are, you'd look right past this one. Most people only scroll and skim, rarely reading a post and its entirety, unless it catches their attention. Because your ad is going to appear among hundreds of others, you'll need something that stands out.

Grab a prospect's attention.

The first three words of your ad are critical and deserve your careful consideration. You'll want to use words that engage and involve the reader.

Bear in mind that there will be other posts that grab the attention of the reader as well, so it's important that your ad offers something that no other ad on the website offers. Words like "free" and "guaranteed" are great attention grabbers. Just be sure that you hold up your end of the bargain.

Using the chair example above, a better ad might be:

$30 Antique Chaise Lounge—Free Delivery, Call Now! 555-555-5555

The above ad not only tells you exactly what you're offering, but it also competes with other ads by further benefiting the potential prospect with free delivery. It then gives the reader a clear call to action. This is how you arouse the reader to click on the ad.

Get people to call.

Once the ad is clicked on, things get tricky. You have gotten the reader's attention, you've offered an additional benefit, but now you're about to ask him to make the deal. This is where high-quality images come in.

Humans are visual creatures, so seeing a picture taken in quality lighting will further increase your chances of selling the item. However, images are hardly enough. Once you've gotten your title and your image, you need to add a few more details—details that will make the reader want to purchase your product.

$30 Antique Chaise Lounge—Free Delivery, Call Now! 555-555-5555

This Antique Chaise Lounge has all of the original carvings and has been reupholstered with beautiful floral patterned cotton. For only $30, it's yours. I offer free delivery on all products $25 and up. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Call Fred at 555-555-5555 for more information, to arrange delivery, or to set up a time to see more of our antique furniture collection.

With these four ingredients (attention, interest, desire, and action), your ad will be more successful than a bland, boring, ad.

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