Wednesday, February 6, 2019

10 Must-Have Products for Organizing Your Home Office

If you work from home, you know how important it is to have a home office that's free from distractions. When you're organized, you spend less time searching for what you need and more time maximizing your productivity. These ten must-have office products will have you on your way to creating a beautiful, organized home office space that you can be proud of.
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Storage for Pens, Pencils, Scissors, and Other Tools

How many times have you searched for a pen or pencil only to come up empty handed? Most of us tend to just grab a pen, use it, and then place it in a random spot, never to be seen again. To keep writing utensil, scissors, and tape handy, keep them in a storage jar right on your desk. You can use something as simple as a decorative coffee mug, or purchase an aesthetically pleasing desk organizer, like the Rustic Torched Wood Desktop Storage Box from Amazon.

This wooden desk organizer is only $12.99 with free Prime shipping on Amazon.
If you have a sliding drawer on your desk and like to keep the top free and clear, there are plenty of desk drawer organizers to choose from as well.

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Sticky Notes

To keep track of important dates, deadlines, and projects, sticky notes are a must-have office product! While computer calendars are great for reminders, sticky notes are there first thing in the morning before you even power on your computer, so you know exactly what you need to get started on. You can also use them in your files and binders for quick notes.

A Desk with Shelves

A desk with shelves is great for organization and storage for all of your office needs. Because the shelves are attached to the desk, it allows for quick, easy access. If, however, you can't afford to purchase an office desk with the extra shelves, stand-alone rolling shelves are also available for purchase. You can use them to store books, binders, and files that you need to keep track of. Speaking of files, make sure that you have plenty of extra file folders and file boxes in case you ever need to carry your files with you.

Hanging Wall Files

No room for file cabinets or file boxes? Hanging wall files are the next best thing. Because these hang on the wall, they reduce the space that you need on and around your desk. You can pick up a wall file organizer on Amazon for about $30.

Weekly Planners

From events and appointments, to daily tasks and monthly assignments, a weekly planner is a must-have for organizing your time. Amazon has some beautiful, fairly priced, pretty weekly planners for all of your planning needs. Some of these planners even have special places for important emails and contact information, notes, reminders, and even envelope pages for important documents and letters.

Label Maker

Label makers are great ways to mark your files, containers, and binders. This is an optional step in your organization, but will help you find things quickly and easily. Of course, you can always create your own labels online using sticker printer paper and a word processing program like Microsoft Word or even an online image-editing program like PicMonkey.

While your organization needs are probably different from the next person, these products are a great start for a basic organized home office.

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