Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Ways to Improve Your Customer Service

Customers are the lifeblood of your business. If you want to survive, you had better be paying attention to what they are saying. Creating a wow customer service experience isn't very challenging, all you need is the right attitude and a willingness to do what others will not.

Why Customer Service is Important

Customer service isn't just important; it's critical for the survival of any company in any sector. The state of the current economy and advancement of the information age has created a business environment that is very competitive, with many vendor options to the consumer. This phenomenon is across all markets and all product lines. Customer service is a major component of the business cycle, differentiating your brand from the competition while ensuring your relationship with the client remains open and ongoing.

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How to Create a WOW Experience for Your Customer

Excellent customer service is creating a wow experience for your client. A wow experience is doing more for your client than they could ever expect. Apply that simple principle to any business in any market.

#1 Add Value
What does this mean for your product in your niche? What does the customer expect from you? These are questions that are different from industry to industry but are easy to identify. Research consumer complaints in your market and create solutions to every complaint, even the most outlandish ones. Be willing to go to any length to solve the issue. Do it in an amicable manner that leaves your customer feeling you over-delivered for them.

#2 Know Your Customer
Invest in CRM solutions and keep customer information available to your organization on-demand at any time. Cloud technology gives your customer service teams instant access to these files at any location on a mobile device. When a client begins a service cycle, the key to a successful outcome is the speed of the response to the problem with a complete solution that over delivers for their particular situation. Having all of your client's data on hand improves response time dramatically, building the relationship with the customer.

#3 Create a Follow Up Schedule
Opening the relationship is just the first step of any business cycle, maintaining and building that relationship requires much more effort and never ends. Create a follow-up schedule for your clients; research has shown that less than 25% of companies follow up with their customers even once. If you follow up more than five times after opening the relationship, that puts you in the top 3% of companies regarding customer service follow-up.

#4 Become Part of the Thank You Economy
Take every opportunity you can to thank your customer. Brainstorm customer appreciation day ideas and other means to connect with your client as often as possible. In this economy, it is your responsibility to do everything you can to ensure that your customer receives everything they need.

#5 Ask For Feedback
Regularly ask your clients for feedback by taking to social media. Search for mentions of your company brand and actively engage with your customers where others can see your solutions in action. It's important to remember that everything in the social sphere is completely transparent and out in the open for anyone to see. Make sure you act professionally but do whatever it takes to resolve any customer issues as soon as possible. Remember to keep the conversation flowing naturally with your prospects and clients.

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Reviews are also an important part of any feedback strategy. Recently, Google has emphasized reviews left by customers on Google search and other social platforms, such as Face book and Linkedin, to determine the placement of search rankings. By asking your clients to leave positive reviews, you can increase the visibility of your business or brand online. Reviews offer you another channel to identify where your business is weak and address those weaknesses.

In Closing

Creating a customer service strategy that produces a wow experience is possible. Keep your attention focuses on your client at all times, use the tools available to you to give you a competitive edge in the market. Even the worst possible customer complaints can be handled and turned around, all it takes is some finesse and a willingness to do what your competition won't.

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