Friday, September 8, 2017

Finding a Great Contractor for Your Home Remodel

Every homeowner has a certain pride of ownership. But when a home has been lived in for awhile, the reality is that paint starts to peel and flooring and tiles start to chip. That’s the reality of living in a place that sees a lot of life. Inevitably, a house gets a “lived in” look that’s at odds with the views we see in home decor magazines. At a certain point, every home needs at least a cosmetic upgrade, like re-painting and replacing flooring, in order to look fresh and to keep the home's market value. This is when it’s wise to consider getting a home equity loan and paying for a remodel.

A remodel can run the gamut from putting in new paint or wall paper to doing home window tinting and tearing down walls. A bathroom upgrade can involve putting in new fixtures and adding in a spa. A kitchen remodel can involve adding in new cabinetry and putting in granite countertops. All of these upgrades can beautifully enhance a home, but they do cost money, and the job requires a solid overall plan. 

Finding a Great Contractor

Any remodel job will be greatly improved by having an experienced contractor as part of the plan. A good contractor can help make the homeowner’s design plans into reality, and make suggestions as to the best way to achieve a certain look and feel. There are some smart ways to keep a budget under control, which can include using standard pieces, like standard cabinetry instead of custom-made, and using a lower cost but high quality paint brand. Wood laminates, for example, have a great look and are a much less expensive choice than installing hard wood floors. These are all options a contractor can help with, by advising the homeowner on the best choices out there.

There’s no doubt that a home remodel is a big job. By finding a great contractor, using a quality online site with local listings, a job has a much greater chance of being successful. So start planning that dreamhouse, and get a local contractor involved today. 

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