Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tips to Improve Your Online Marketing

Are you looking for methods and tools to build your online presence? In today’s advancing technological world, your business needs to remain competitive in a noisy online space. Developing an effective online marketing strategy does not have to cost you anything other than purchasing a few inexpensive software tools and a bit of time to execute the plan. Here are five tips you can use to break through obscurity and take your brand or product into the public eye!

#1 Social Media

Social media marketing has opened a new realm to marketers that allow them to engage with their target audience directly. You can use the power of social platforms to target your advertising and improve the reach of your marketing campaigns. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter allow companies to see what their target market is talking about and then actively engage in the conversation. The reach of social platforms is incredible and more companies are beginning to allocate larger parts of their marketing budgets to social campaigns.
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#2 Influencer Marketing

If your business has a social media presence, then you have started your online marketing strategy. However, what you do with your profile can dramatically change the results you receive with from your efforts. Choose to follow and engage with industry influencers that are popular with your core audience. Influences make excellent prospects for endorsement deals and sponsorship. There are tools such as ‘Buzzsumo’ that you can use to identify industry influencers in your niche and then help you reach out to them. By giving them access to your products and services, to gain access to their audiences. Today’s social influencers can have millions of followers, so allocating a portion of your marketing budget to influencer marketing makes sense.

#3 Building Links

Link building is an SEO strategy that takes time to bear results, but when they do start coming, they are well worth it. Building web-links with industry influencers and authority websites creates a backlink to your site from the industry authority. Search engine bots place value on how many backlinks a site has to authority sites. You can create more links by identifying top sites in your niche and requesting to write guest posts for their blog. The blog will contain a permanent link to your site and will help your site become more searchable by the bots, improving your search results.
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#4 Get Reviews

Search bots are starting to place more emphasis on reviews for companies and products when compiling their search results. However, the challenge with reviews is incentivizing your customers actually to do it. Most clients are not concerned with leaving a review and will need an extra push to get them to take action on doing so. Try a few strategies to get your clients to leave you good reviews on Google and Facebook. These reviews will help improve your search rankings and place you higher. Offer your customers rebates on products, or discounts for further purchases if they leave you a positive review.

#5 Create a WOW Customer Service Experience

What is unique about your product or brand? How does that translate to the online experience that your website presents to users? Everything you can do to enhance the user experience of your site should be taken into account. Interact with your audience and ask for their opinion. For instance, you could write a blog on good customer appreciation day ideas, share it on your social channels and then ask your audience to comment on the story, engaging with their comments when you have the opportunity. The more you can do to resolve any customer disputes as soon as possible; the more your audience will begin to realize that you care and you are there to help the community.

In Closing

If you implement and execute on these tips, then you can expect more engagement from your target market. The power of social media and building a network filled with industry influencers have the potential to help your content go viral, seen by millions of eyeballs all around the globe. Your online marketing strategy will depend largely on your ability to execute consistently, creating a schedule that you stick to achieve the results you desire.

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