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Literally Capture Your Memories with Dune Jewelry

Imagine meeting your future significant other while visiting the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. Two years later, you both walk the white sand beaches of Bora Bora, hand-in-hand, during your honeymoon. Several years after that, you bury your toes into the black sands at Punalu'u Beach while on vacation, which is also the same time that you conceive your first child.

These kinds of memories are so precious. What if you could physically capture those moments and keep them close to you forever?

Well, no matter where in the world you've experienced such incredible things, you can literally keep those memories close, thanks to Dune Jewelry.

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Established in 2010, Dune Jewelry is the original beach sand jewelry company. Their line of jewelry is handcrafted in the United States, using sand, earth, and other elements to create a charming piece that you can keep close.

Live for the moment, then take it with you.

That's right. You can take sand from a past trip, and have it adorned onto a piece of jewelry forever.

Dune Jewelry's designs are hand crafted by their talented Sand Artists™ in their Boston studio. They source sand, stones, and other elements from thousands of locations across the world.

Creating your jewelry is very easy.  Just select the design that you'd like, browse the banks to find out which element you want in your piece, and add it to your bag.

Have jewelry made from your favorite sandbank.

To see the different sands, elements, that they offer, along with ballparks, golf courses, hiking trails, etc. check out their Sandbank. They have a Beach Bank, Nature Bank, Sports Bank, Golf Bank, Shell Bank, Power Stones, and more! For an even more personal piece, you can send in your own sand and they will set it in your choice of jewelry!

If you're using your own sand or element, you can provide the name of the sand you're using and where it's from. This information will appear on a card that comes with the jewelry, so be specific. After checkout, you will get a confirmation email which explains the process and how to prepare and ship your sand.

If your purchasing these items for a gift, you can also choose to have them gift wrapped.

Please keep in mind that all excess sand remains the property of Dune Jewelry, so ship enough to make your jewelry, but not all of the sand you own.

If you'd rather head to a physical brick and mortar location, check out Dune Jewelry's locations. Dune Jewelry's line can be found in over 800 retailers worldwide.

As an added bonus, a portion of all proceeds goes to various coastal preservation organizations.

Sand Jewelry - The Sunburst Necklace

I chose the Sunburst Necklace

I carefully browsed the available selection before setting my heart on this design. There are several reasons that I chose the Sunburst Necklace.

I simply love the way it looked, but I, personally, have an immense respect for the sun. I see it as a "giver," and without it, life as we know it would not exist. Not only that, but I knew immediately what element I was going to choose and I felt that the "sun" design fit in very well.

I've always been fascinated by ancient Egyptian culture. I've always wanted to visit The Great Pyramids. I felt that this may be my chance to get as close as possible—at least for the time being.
It seemed relevant to the "Sunburst" design because of their Solar-Deity, Ra.

The Sunburst Necklace is made with .925 sterling silver, so it's safe to wear for those allergic to metals like nickel or other alloys. I didn't experience any discomfort or discoloration with this necklace.

The pendant itself is about the size of a dime. It's a beautiful, minimalist necklace that adds a little "flair" to any outfit. The sand is beautifully stored in the center and topped with a gloss finish.

The chain is adjustable and may be worn at 16", 18", or 20", thanks to the extra "hoops."

I love everything about this necklace. I love the design, the size, the fact that it holds sands from Giza—absolutely everything! I love the concept of physically capturing memories and "storing" them so that they can literally be held onto forever.

Right now, 10% of sales of the Sunburst Necklace will be donated to brings more beach wheelchairs to the public because because "Everyone Deserves a Beach Day™."

The "Smile" in SmileMass stands for "Small Miracles in Life Exist." This 501 C3 non-profit organization's mission is to provide happy memories to families living with children or adults with disabilities.

Our mission is to create a day trip or vacation opportunity without barriers, with our first profject on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. SMILE Mass will work with surrounding recreational facilities to provide accessible equipment and opportunities for anyone with mobility issues.

Smile Mass wants to change the way that vacations are seen. They should be an escape from the daily hustle and bustle of life and should be free of work and worry. Because of this, Smile Mass wants to provide accessible equipment and walkways, including "beach wheel chairs" that are currently a part of their project in Cape Cod. This way, families who provide for disabled family members can enjoy vacation as it's meant to be enjoyed!

* Please visit for more information.

Overall, I love both the concept and the delivery of Dune Jewelry. The idea is amazing and the actual product is equally as amazing. I'm very satisfied with the product.

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