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Make Your Home More Inviting with Rich Fragrance, 2-Wick American Candles

Fall is coming! Fall is coming! Autumn is my favorite season of all. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of the cool, crisp morning air upon my skin as the fallen leaves crunch beneath my feet. The air is filled with a damp, earthy fragrance that I love! It is this earthy scent—in combination with the aromatic fragrances of pumpkin, apple, cinnamon, and decadent desserts—that I like to fill my home with in the fall.

As the air gets cooler, these Autumn fragrances fill me with a sense of security, creating a cozy, comfortable haven for me to relax and unwind.

In the spring and summer, I look for citrus and clean linen scents—scents that are energized. In the cooler months, like fall and winter, I like to implement lots of spice fragrances, as well as desserts—scents that are warm and comforting.

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Goose Creek knows how to cater to my fragrance needs. They offer candles, scented plug-ins, wax melts, room sprays, and car air fresheners for all of your "smell good" purchases.

Goose Creek Home Fragrance recently sent me three jar candles to try out and they are nothing short of amazing! My olfactory senses were on overload after a single whiff from each delicious smelling candle. Learn more about this family owned company.

The three fragrances that I received are Harvest Hayride, Cool Harvest Morning, and White Chocolate Butter Cream.

I've included some of the other available fragrances below to give you an idea of what they offer:

  • Crunchy Leaves
  • Pumpkin Caramel Swirl
  • Toasty Pumpkin Toddy

  • Blooming Magnolia
  • Sweet Pea
  • Lilac Garden

  • Banana Pudding
  • Homemade Brownies
  • White Icing Cinnamon Roll

  • Soft Linen Breeze
  • Lost At Sea
  • White Coral
  • Summer Slices
  • Grapefruit Mandarin
  • Watermelon Patch

Of course, Goose Creek has way more fragrances to choose from! See all of the available candle fragrances.

Now that you've become acquainted with this candle company, let's discuss the quality of their candle collection. Here, I will cover wick trimming, burn time, and soot amounts, if any.

Burn Time, Wick Trimming, and Appearance

Before using any candles, I always trim the wick. I cannot express the importance of this. Some people will just light their candle immediately without giving it a second thought. This leads to an excess amount of soot.

The 24 ounce Goose Creek Candles are double-wicked, so both wicks must be trimmed prior to use. I usually trim them to at least 1/4 inch. Some people recommend as low as 1/8 inch, but I feel that 1/4 inch is sufficient enough to prevent soot formation.

I typically use a regular pair of kitchen scissors when trimming my wicks.

Burn time on these candles is great. I've burned the candles for about three hours each so far. You can barely tell that they've been used at all.

Goose Creek Candle states that the 24 ounce candles have a burn time of up to 150 hours. For the price of $15 for a limited time (usually $27.99) a 150 hour burn time is excellent!

Below, I've provided an image of the Harvest Hayride candle after burning. I wanted to show you that there is no soot on the edges of the glass. That is precisely why it is important to trim your wick before every lighting of the candle.

I love that these candles are aesthetically pleasing. You don't have to remove the label because they can easily fit in with your decor, especially if you're choosing seasonal candles.

Now that you know a bit about trimming your wicks and burn time, let's move on to the best part! Learn more about each candle and what I think about it!

Harvest Hayride - Autumn Scented Candle

Harvest Hayride is a red-orange candle featuring an image of a beautiful rustic wagon.

The candle itself has a spicy scent, much like that of cinnamon and clove. It also has a woodsy fragrance, combined with the scent of fallen Autumn leaves. It has a crispness to it that I've likened to the cool, fall air.

When burning, the scent is a woodsy cinnamon—definitely a fall fragrance in every way. A bit of the scent of fallen leaves is lost when burning, but even still, the candle fragrance is warm, inviting, and comforting.

If Autumn is your thing, then this is the perfect candle for you! Light it during your Halloween party, on Trick-or-Treat night, or even on Thanksgiving, and welcome your guests with the scent of fall.

Grab your Harvest Hayride Candle now for $15, or wax melts for $3!

Cool Harvest Morning - Autumn Scented Candle

Cool Harvest Morning—perhaps my favorite of the three—smells like freshly picked apples. Along with apples, there is a clean, morning dew fragrance with a touch of sandalwood. When blended, these fragrances combine to create a very cozy smelling candle that brings the early scents of fall into your home.

While burning this plum-colored candle, the apple fragrance is very prominent. It's sweet, but subtle, thanks to the added touch of sandalwood. It reminds me of walking through an apple orchard on a cool, crisp morning.

I believe the reason that I love this candle so much is because the smell is nostalgic for me. It reminds me of apple bobbing in the fall at my Grandmother's house when I was a child.

Goose Creek Candle Company really captured the apple fragrance with this one. In combination with the sandalwood and the "dew," it easily whisks me back to my childhood.

Get your Cool Harvest Morning candle for $15, or wax melts for $3!

White Chocolate Buttercream - Dessert Scented Candle

It is very hard for me to walk past dessert-scented candles in stores without pulling off every lid and smelling them all. Naturally, when I received the White Chocolate Butter Cream candle from Goose Creek Candle, I had my nose in it almost immediately.

It truly smells good enough to eat!

A creamy, rich, butter cream frosting takes the cake (pun intended) as the dominant fragrance in this candle. A hint of chocolate cake combined with vanilla will also tickle your olfactory senses.

This one is sure to get your home smelling like a bakery!

As the candle burned, the vanilla and butter cream seemed to take center stage. There was a subtle hint of chocolate—I appreciated this, as sometimes chocolate scents can be a bit overpowering. It was definitely a sweet, dessert fragrance because my husband walked in and asked, "Are you making cake?" You should have seen the disappointment on his face when I told him it was a candle.

I should have made cake, too.

Obviously, this candle does its job when it comes to smelling like a decadent dessert!

Pick up your White Chocolate Butter Cream candle for $15, or wax melts for $3!

Bottom line, Goose Creek Candle Company knows what they're doing. Their candles are reasonable priced, heavily scented, and feature beautiful images.

These candles make perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions.

Right now, pay only $15 for a 24 ounce jar candle, or $3 for wax melts.

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Have you tried Goose Creek Candle before? Let me know what you think by leaving a comment down below!

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