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My Experience with DressLily - A Clothing Review

You've probably heard of DressLily.

DressLily is a popular online fashion retailer. Because they have such a large social media presence,
seeing DressLily on Facebook is common for me. With over 10 million Facebook followers, I think it's safe to say that they're running a rather successful business. In fact, Facebook is exactly where I first came across this company.

* Product and/or service provided for review without cost. As always, all opinions are my own. Please view my full disclosure.

For me, when it comes to clothes, there is nothing I love more than a comfortable sweater. Being that I'm also a bargain shopper, it's like hitting the lottery if I come across a comfy sweater for a great price. DressLily has all of the above, so I had to check them out.

Today, I'm here to share my experience with DressLily.

DressLily's Selection and Pricing

I'll begin by discussing DressLily's selection of products, along with their pricing.

DressLily has an enormous selection of fashion items, including some of the latest styles. They have a ton of seasonal wear to choose from as well and are regularly rolling out new fashions.

They have several different categories, including:

  • Blouses
  • Bottoms
  • Sweaters
  • Men's Clothing
  • Wigs & Weaves
  • Home Decor
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Jewelry
The list goes on.

DressLily's pricing is very reasonable. In fact, it's so reasonable that just scrolling through their website had me filling up my cart with items that were just too good a deal to pass up. I'm talking anywhere from 99 cents for a choker to $20 for a sweater or a hoodie.

That, my friend, gets a huge thumbs up from me!

DressLily Sizing and Size Charts - Plus Size

One thing that I cannot stress enough is the importance of ALWAYS CHECKING THE SIZE CHART! This is true for any and every retailer and not just DressLily.

Sizing is often very different from brand to brand and especially when you're dealing with a company that is based in another country—and in DressLily's case, China.

Asian sizes tend to run a great deal smaller than United States sizes, so it's absolutely imperative that you pay close attention to the measurements listed on the website. Even though you may be a size medium in American brands, you could be a 4XL in some of DressLily's fashions

Also something to note is that each item of clothing is different. There is not a single size chart for the entire website. There is a size chart for each individual item. So, check the size chart and then check it again to ensure that you're getting an item of clothing that will actually fit!

DressLily Return Policy

If you just so happen to end up with an item that you're not satisfied with, rest assured that DressLily has a return policy, as outlined in the image below (click to enlarge).

Please note that there are stipulations.

For instance, you are responsible for return shipping fees. These are non-refundable. Also, warranties do not apply to the following categories:
  • Swimwear
  • Lingerie
  • Earrings
  • Clearance/Discounted Items
If you need to contact DressLily regarding returns, you can contact their Support Center (you will need to describe the problem, include the return reason, order number, and SKU product number. You may also include images to show that the item was defective, incorrect or not as described.

DressLily states on their website:

If our company is responsible for the issue, we will allow a return to our warehouse for a refund and/or an exchange. Once we receive the item, we will offer compensation or resend for a free replacement at our expense.

Find out more about DressLily's Return Policy. To find out more about contact information, visit DressLily's Contact page.

DressLily Clothing Quality

Based on my experience with the three items that I received, I have to say that overall, the quality for the price is fantastic!

I went to the DressLily Women's Plus Size section and narrowed down my search results to Plus Size Sweatshirts and Hoodies. There were three sweaters that I just fell in love with, which I've listed below.

Skew Collar Love Plus Size Sweatshirt

Cost: $15.10 • Available Sizes: XL - 5XL

The reason this sweatshirt caught my attention was because of the skewed collar and because white sweaters are life.

It's made of polyester and upon arrival, I first noticed how smooth it was. The fit was just how I like it—a little loose which is why I went a size up—and there were no strange odors (like you get with other online-purchased clothing). It was a little thinner than I imagined (not transparent or anything, but I'm used to heavy cotton sweaters), but still a warm, comfortable fabric.

The top can be worn in several different ways, but I prefer just pairing it with a pair of jeans and sneakers as well as a few accessories, like a smart watch and a handbag/backpack. Black nail polish is always a great way to finish the look off.

Halloween Plus Size Skew Collar Sweatshirt

Cost: $18.89 • Available Sizes: XL - 5XL

I'm in LOVE with this sweater!

This sweatshirt reminded me of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" and while it is listed as a Halloween item, I felt that it was suitable for regular wear.

Just like the Love Sweater, this one is also made of the soft, smooth polyester. I had no problems whatsoever with the fit. It was perfect. I loved the way this top has one black sleeve and one white sleeve. I feel that just adds to the uniqueness of it.

As mentioned previously, the sweaters are a little thinner than I imagined (not transparent or anything, but I'm used to heavy cotton sweaters), but still a warm, comfortable fabric. I am absolutely satisfied with this sweater!

You can wear it casually with jeans or have fun with the accessories and wear it for Halloween.

Funny Graphic Print Plus Size Hoodie

Cost: $18.89 • Available Sizes: XL - 4XL

This hoodie reminded me of "Alice in Wonderland," of course, and included one of my favorite quotes, so I had to have it.

This one ran a bit smaller than the other two, but I figured that since I'm in the process of losing weight, that it would fit better in the next couple of months. Right now, it fits, albeit a little tight, but I don't mind because it's just too darn cute!

It's a very soft material and I can't wait to wear it out and about. I know that this one is going to land many compliments.

This hoodie is one of my absolute favorites. I like to pair it with jeans, canvas sneakers, a watch, an ear cuff, and a fun handbag or tote.

Of all the sweaters that I received, there were two minor things that I noticed:
  • A couple loose threads
  • No care instructions
If these are the only things wrong with the sweaters, then I think I made out very, very well.

The loose threads were tiny imperfections that you'll find on almost any store bought clothes. It does not affect the overall quality or fit of the sweaters.

The lack of care instructions only worries me because of the screen print on the tops. I know from the item description that the sweaters are polyester, but I do not know about the material used for the lettering. To be on the safe side, I will only wash my sweaters in cold water and tumble dry.

DressLily Shipping Costs and Time

Shipping costs depend on what you're buying from DressLily. I've seen shipping costs range anywhere from free for flat rate (10 to 30 days) all the way up to $40 for expedited shipping. I only have experience with flat rate shipping, so that's what I'll touch on.

It took about four weeks to receive the clothing that I ordered with flat rate shipping. According to the DressLily website, flat rate shipping can take anywhere from 10 to 30 days to receive.

This is not uncommon, especially considering that the packages are coming from China. It is very wise to consider these shipping times, as well as give a week or so for any unforeseen circumstances if you are ordering from DressLily for an upcoming event. This will save you any frustration.

Review of DressLily

After doing a little research on DressLily and other people's experiences with DressLily, I've run into a lot of questions asking, "Is DressLily a scam?" I can only provide you insight based on my experience with the company. Based on that, I would say that no, DressLily is not a scam.

All of the information within this post is based on my own personal experience. You can use this information to make a judgement call, or you can order from them yourself and see how your experience goes. I do recommend that you be mindful of the size charts, shipping times, and any of the materials that the items are made of.

You, as a shopper, have a responsibility to be alert about what you're purchasing. It is not a seller's fault if you see a sweater, think it's cotton, and purchase it only to find out that it's polyester, when the materials and information about the product are readily available on the website.

I happen to highly recommend DressLily for clothing, especially if you're a bargain shopper and if you're okay with waiting a little longer for your items to arrive. I have had a very pleasant experience.

Shop DressLily now!

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