Monday, October 16, 2017

Ohio Renaissance Festival - Feast of Fools 2017

Who doesn't love an in-character costumed cast, human-powered rides, and giant turkey legs? At the Ohio Renaissance Festival, you can enjoy all of the above every weekend for two months.

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On October 1, 2017, we attended our annual trip to the Ohio Renaissance Festival, courtesy of US Family Guide. The themed weekend was "Feast of Fools."

It's okay to be foolish this weekend! The village is filled with fools of all sizes and their foolish antics. You'd be a fool to miss the Fools Olympics and the King of Fools contests!
We love the Ohio Renaissance Festival and have been in attendance every year since 2011. You can see some of my past posts about the Ohio Renaissance Festival by viewing this post and our visit during Time Traveller's Weekend in 2016.

During past trips, the weather was either too cold or too hot, but this year, it was a perfect 70 degrees with a light breeze.

The first thing we did (after using the privies, of course) was head to the children's maze. Carter helped Ireland navigate the maze until they made it to the top so they could slide down to the exit.

Next, we walked around a bit, taking in all of the different activities. There was sword fighting right in the middle of the grassy field among two children.

After Carter saw the children in their vicious battle, we decided we had to find these swords.

And, so we trekked around the village until we did.

Then, Justice and Carter engaged in a bloody sword fight.

Then, he was challenged by his sister!

I love the village! Everything is a replica from the Renaissance period, including the people. There were costumed characters everywhere!

This beautiful fairy costume was one of my favorites!

My husband stopped to enter "Hand Crafted Leather" where he purchased a small leather pouch for Carter to keep his money.

While waiting for my husband to finish browsing, my children and I watched The Sea Dragon take off. This is a man-powered ride that is similar to the mechanical Viking Fury at Kings Island.

Many times, you'll see the operator of this ride doing all kinds of tricks, including jumping on, swinging from, and climbing The Sea Dragon. Not only is it a ride, but it's also quite the show!

At the Ohio Renaissance Festival, you'll come across so many amazing handcrafted products, including clothing, jewelry, and more... these colorful metal hair twists, or "Ponytail Wraps."

Note the adorable horseshoe hooks!

Check out these antler horns...

And these beautiful garments!

We purchased this beautiful tiara for Ireland. It is silver with blue flowers on the front and has a long ribbon in the back that I tied into her braid. So beautiful!

As I was walking, I was startled when I noticed this knight in shining armor.

Come to find out, it wasn't actually a real person and was just a statue.
But then I ran into this living statue!

There are so many activities for children at the faire and we took advantage of most of them. Here is the "tall slide," as my children call it.

Here is the rock climbing wall...

If you're not into slides and rides, don't forget that you can always ride a camel! Or a pony!

And for the very little ones, there is an area where you can play with bubble nets for free!

We had a lot of fun with this!

If you don't feel like spinning around, just let the wind do the work for you!

Once you've had the chance to see all of the shops and activities, take a little break by enjoying one of several live shows.

Then, you must check out the many food options at the faire. The most popular are the giant turkey legs, but this year, we decided to try something different: Bourbon Chicken!

For $8, you can enjoy bourbon chicken and trust me, it is good! I highly recommend it. For the little ones, we ordered a burger and some fresh cut fries to share. We picked up a corndog for Carter.

I'd say that the burger was great!

Again, we had a fabulous time at the Ohio Renaissance Festival. If you've never been, I highly encourage you to attend. The people are happy, the vibe is upbeat, and there are so many things to do and see. You're guaranteed to have a great time!

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