Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Soft, Sensual, Feminine Fragrance - Midnight Kiss

When it comes to perfumes, I want more than to just "smell nice."

You see, as humans, our sense of smell has a direct link to the amygdala and hippocampus—both of which are connected to emotions and memory. This is precisely why our sense of smell can trigger memories and emotions.

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Have you ever gotten a whiff of something that hit you with a deep feeling of nostalgia? Maybe it was the scent of freshly mowed grass, or perhaps the aromatic fragrance of your favorite childhood bakery. That's what I mean. Scents are heavily linked to memory.

So, for me, body fragrances are more than just scents. They can literally lock you into the memory of those that you interact with day by day. Perfumes create an experience, so I'm very selective when it comes to body perfumes.

A Soft, Sensual, Feminine Perfume

Enter Midnight Kiss.

Midnight Kiss, from Vestige Fragrance, is a perfume for women.

Experience the dark fantasy of an unforgettable Midnight Kiss!

This perfume beautifully captures the essence of every woman, from the shy to the flirty, and from the sensual to the mysterious.

Starting off, Midnight Kiss is sweet and flirtatious, with fruity notes including apple, peach, and plum. It then softens to release its feminine hints of floral—jasmine and freesia—with hints of sugary sweetness that beg to be noticed. After a couple of hours, it becomes a sensual, sexy, romantic blend of sandalwood and musk.

To me, each of it's notes are the embodiment of all women—sweet, flirty, feminine, shy, soft, sensual, sophisticated, luxurious, sexy, mysterious, and powerful. The composition is fruity with floral notes accentuating the sugary sweetness of vanilla and caramel. It's warm and deep within a couple of hours, thanks to the musk and sandalwood.

Top Notes: Crimson Apple, Peach Nectar, Black Plum
Heart: Night-Blooming Jasmine, Freesia, Velvety Violet Petals, Warm Caramel, Vanilla
Dry Down Notes: Sandalwood, Glowing Amber, and Moonlit Musk

That's Midnight Kiss.

As mentioned earlier, a good perfume is an experience. This is exactly how I would describe Midnight Kiss. It has personality. It has character. It has presence. It's something that will get you noticed.

Midnight Kiss

The aromatic sensuality of Midnight Kiss was enough to sell me on the product, but I feel that it's important to touch on the bottle itself. There's nothing worse than getting an amazing smelling perfume, only to realize that the bottle is less-than-functional. Fortunately, that's not the case with Midnight Kiss.

The bottle is lovely—large enough to feel that you're getting a good value, but small enough to fit right into your hand or purse. It's very aesthetically pleasing, with the transparent bottle, combined with the purple script, and the gold accents along the lid and the spray nozzle.

It's highly scented and the fragrance lingers. After applying it in the morning, the fragrance was still noticeable four hours later. Even still, I feel that an extra spritz after four hours never hurts, but that's just me.

Those looking for a fragrance that is feminine, sensual, and romantic would benefit from Midnight Kiss. Because of it's soft, feminine florals, it's fine for the day time, and with it's musk and depth, it's also a fabulous night time perfume.  It has enough variety to appeal to women of all tastes.

Try the feminine, soft, sensual perfume, "Midnight Kiss" for yourself. 

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