Thursday, November 16, 2017

Homesick Candles: Candles That Smell Like Home

Growing up, I loved hearing my dad talk about Virginia—Big Stone Gap, in particular. You can still see the longing in my father's eyes when he speaks of the rolling hills as you approach Virginia from the west. The winding roads lead up into the mountains and into the Heart of Appalachia, where small, scenic towns spotlighted the coal mining heritage.

These stories are one of the things that I live for—the reminiscent look in the eyes of someone you love dearly—as they recall a time or a place that felt like "home"—gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of their mind. My father's stories about Virginia are exactly why I chose the "Virginia" candle from Homesick Candles.

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Homesick Candles is a US-based candle company that creates fragrant candles designed to remind you of home. Each candle is made in the United States using all-natural soy wax, custom fragrance oils, and a braided cotton wick. The scents for each candle are carefully selected and balanced to bring you back home every time you light it.

When I came across Homesick Candles, I decided to ask my dad again what reminded him of Virginia—what sights, smells, sounds, and feelings made him think of the beautiful Mother of States.

My father explained, "The rugged mountains led to cool mornings and fog as thick as peanut butter. As the sun rose above the mountains in the east, the temperature would soar until the sun set behind the mountains in the west—by then, it was cool again."

He continued, "The smell of coal burning in the furnaces of the surrounding homes, bacon cooking in the mornings, fresh flowers blooming, and the aroma of a fresh rainfall bring fond memories to me." The roosters crowing and the distant sound of the train whistle—until it transformed into a full-blown roar as it crossed the street—still make him feel "homesick."

When I heard my father describe Virginia, I read through Homesick Candles' description of their Virginia Candle.

Virginia: A blend of pine needles, fir, and sandalwood with a bouquet of blooming honeysuckle and the scent of soft rainfall.

After having read the description, I was sold. This candle was something that would bring Virginia "home" to Ohio, so that he could experience the beauty of his favorite childhood getaway.

From California to Florida, Homesick Candles allows you to "Fill your house with home."

I am in love with this idea and with the Virginia candle that does, indeed, smell like blooming honeysuckle before burning, but also brings in the smell of fresh fir, sandalwood, and rain on a humid, summer day after burning.

Homesick Candles is an incredible gift idea for those away for college, the military, or for those who simply long for the scent of home. Giving these candles as a gift is a beautiful gesture and allows them to feel close to you, even if they're only there in spirit.

Check out Homesick Candles to find the candle that reminds you of home.

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