Saturday, June 2, 2018

Beautiful Home Offices for Design Inspiration

Working from home requires self-discipline. I'll be the first to admit that when I'm in my comfort zone, distractions come easily. This is why having a quiet, comfortable space for work is so important. Today, I'm going to share with you several of my favorite office designs.

The images used in this post are from Pixabay and are not photograph's of my own decor. This post was written simply to serve as inspiration for your home office, and to provide you with a few tips for home office design.

This "office" space was designed using dark wood in combination with white and gold accents. It's clean and organized, which leaves little room for distractions. As a result, productivity is increased. I love the look of this office area because the look is crisp and clean, both upbeat and professional.

For those of you short on space, consider setting up an office in a walk-in closet. My husband always suggested this but I just couldn't find it in me to clear out the junk that's hidden away in said closet. Have I mentioned that I'm a procrastinator? Maybe getting that area cleared out would decrease my turn-around time. I digress...

A closet will need ventilation, so it's important to add fans and, if possible, an air purifier. Of course, there are air purifying plants that could also benefit a small, enclosed space such as this. Also, some closets do not have outlets or lighting built in, so you may need to do some wiring to turn it into a permanent office space. 

Again, if you're short on space and don't have a walk-in closet, then you might want to consider designating one corner of a room for your desk and office supplies. A corner is ideal because if you're facing the wall, you're not bombarded with visuals and other distractions. It may not be ideal, but it works if that's all that you're working with. Small hutches or a desk with drawers could provide inconspicuous storage.

Working with the space you have might mean infiltrating an already lived in space. You simply have to make the most with what you've got, people. Your kitchen can double as a work area when you're not using the table to eat. A bar with stools makes a great place to finish up paperwork.

Of course, you could always designate half of your bedroom to your office space. That way, you can close the door and you're not out in the common areas soaking up the commotion around you.

Now, if you have an extra room in your house, you can create the ideal home office. Home offices are supposed to be private areas where you can work in peace and quiet. Of course, we all know that's not always possible (especially if you're a mom), but if it is, then go for it!

If you have a designated room for your home office, you can go all out! You can add plenty of storage drawers, filing cabinets, and all of the office equipment you need including a printer, fax machine, desktop computer, and anything else that tickles your fancy—er, or helps you get your work done.

If clients visit your home to work with you face-to-face, you can even set up "lobby" style seating right in your office.

I've always wanted a room dedicated to my home office. I had one for awhile, but it was no longer a "spare" bedroom once we found out we were expecting another child in 2013. I tried having the office set up in my bedroom, but that didn't work out either. As it turns out, being next to a window is just far too distracting for me.

Nowadays, I tend to get my work done in the entryway of our home, where our desktop sits in a fancy armoire that I rarely close (that would require moving things around—I'm a procrastinator, remember?).  You've just gotta work with what you've got.

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