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Entertain with Ease: 6 Ways To Make Your Custom Invitations Stand Out

Sending out invitations is the first step to informing others about your special day. Whether you're planning a wedding, birthday, graduation, or other important event, you'll want the date to stay fresh in the mind's of your friends and family members. This means choosing a design that's unique to you and your event. The best way to achieve this is by designing custom invitations.

There is little for you to do when you order invitations online, other than designing the cards to suit your needs. From choosing the right lettering to choosing your color scheme, creating an original, custom invitation is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. Consider the following tips to create memorable invitations for your special event.

Choose the right lettering.

While it may not seem important, your font style actually says a lot about your event. Formal events, such as weddings, bridal showers, or baptisms typically utilize fancy calligraphy styles, brushstroke fonts, and beautiful scripts on the invitations.

On the other hand, events such as children's birthday parties and baby showers tend to be more laid-back, so it's normal for these invitations to feature fonts and lettering styles that are more "fun" and upbeat.

This invitation utilizes a fun, block-style font, along with sans styles and a lowercase, laid-back script. can help you with this. With over 110 fonts to choose from, including both elaborate scripts and lighthearted text, you can refine your custom invitations to fit your personal tastes and preferences.

A general rule of thumb is that if the event is formal, the invitation should be formal. If the event is laid-back, your invitations can be more laid-back. Of course, in the end, the design is entirely up to you.

Get creative with wording.

Most invitations utilize creative wording to get the message across. For example, for a movie-themed birthday party, you can use a well-known movie quote in your invitation.


Star Wars Birthday Invitation Wording

Alternatively, you can implement character quotes, book excerpts, song lyrics, and rhymes. For formal invitations, however, most stick with more traditional wording styles. You can, of course, tweak it as you please, but formality is key.


Traditional Wedding Invitation Wording

If you're unsure as to where to start, Basic Invite can help you out. Their starting templates provide you with general wording based on the style of invitation you're creating. It's fully customizeable, so whether you don't like any of the wording or only want to change a word or two, you can.

Choose the right colors.

With custom invitations, you can choose colors best suited to your personal preference. The right color scheme can mean the difference between a drab invitation and a fab invitation.

Thanks to their almost unlimited color options, with Basic Invite's invitations, you can choose from over 180 different colors! You have the capability to change each element on the invitation to fit your needs. With so many colors to choose from, you can even design your invites to match your event's decor.

If you're not sure about experimenting with color on your invitations, rest assured that your satisfaction is important. With Basic Invite, you can order a printed sample so that you can see what your invite looks like before you make a purchase. This is another aspect that sets Basic Invite apart from other stationery companies.

Include a picture.

For unique and attractive invitations, consider adding a photograph. Picture invitations add a personal element that stands out.

You can add an image to a wedding invitation to show the love you share with your partner, to a birthday invitation to showcase a picture of the birthday boy or girl, or even to announce your pregnancy and invite loved ones to your baby shower.

Because pictures add sentimental value, people often save picture invitations as keepsakes. This is an excellent way to ensure that your invitations are kept in a safe spot and not forgotten about.

Use colored envelopes.

When it comes to unique invitations, don't stop at just the invitation itself! Your envelope is the first thing that people see, so it, too, should be distinct. Colored envelopes are a great way to make your invitations stand out.

Basic Invite offers forty different colors for your envelopes—but it doesn't end there! You can also choose from different envelope liners, including floral designs, patterns, solid colors, and calligraphy. All envelopes are peel and seal, so they can be closed quickly and securely—and without leading to dry mouth from licking envelopes all day!

As an added bonus, addressing invitations has never been easier! With Basic Invite's Address Capturing Service, simply share a link on your social media accounts to request your guests' addresses! They'll be stored in your account and can be selected while you're designing your envelopes.

Take advantage of senses.

Receiving an invitation in the mail is always an exciting moment, but another way to make it even more memorable is with fragrance.

Our sense of smell is heavily linked to memory, so keeping your invitation fresh in the minds of your guests is as simple as adding scent. You can do this one of several ways, including adding dried petal confetti to your envelopes, adding a spritz of perfume to your invitation, or even adding a drop of essential oil to your finger and gently pressing it on one side of your envelope's seal.

Basic Invite

Basic Invite, a stationery company, has cards for every event. Since 2006, they've worked hard to create custom cards for their customers—but they're not just limited to invitations!

They also offer thank you cards, stickers, personalized envelopes, personal stationery, and over 250 Christmas cards and holiday designs. Foil holiday cards are available in gold, silver, and rose gold, and you can choose flat or raised on all of Basic Invite's foil designs.

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