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Highlight on the Sharing Economy

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The world is basically running on the new theory of sharing economy. But this platform is still unclear to the major population. People are still in a dilemma as to how it is ruling the world currently. The online services are accessible to almost everyone. So, it is the right time to highlight some of the major aspects of this newer economy system on which a major survey has been made.


Currently, the world is on a newer age to face the newer economic system which is called the collaborative common. This theory is based on the idea of facing a new economic background that is further based on the capitalism and an antagonist socialism system.
Previously business had a different definition. It was something that used to employ people and provide their services to some other people. But presently the scenario is totally different where people are themselves the businesses.
The goal today is to build such businesses that are ready to compete with each other and provide thee customers with newer versions of their goods to increase their satisfaction. This speaks about a fact that the sharing economy is a peer to peer technology, business to business technology.  This economy has greatly focussed to change the scenario of the environmental values. There is a newer version of the answers relating to the consumption of the resources. The consumption is also related to the goods and the services. The positiveaspects are building an interest in the people and are allowing them to open newer companies, finding newer consumers.



  • A lot of discussions with the entrepreneurs, the naysayers, consumers have brought a number of conclusions with itself. The conclusions are too varied in their form. The research of the concepts of the “back to the Future- the sharing economy report” is the matter to be highlighted on.
  • The sharing economy is increasing presently and has taken the form of moving from a scenario of “trend to watch form” to the “mainstream” form. The role it is playing focuses on transforming the traditional sectors into those which will be based on the newer sharing economy.

  • The newer society and the organizations are also focusing on the idea that sharing economy is something that needs a valuable concentration. This is also being followed at the federal level of Canada.

  • The number of the government levels is increasing to respond at the views regarding the sharing economy and so it is becoming essential to allow the government even to think in a broader manner about how to increase the positive aspects of this rising economy and curb the ones that have negative implication.

  • The sharing economy has been increasing in such leaps and bounds that it is losing the limit of discussion and is also being discussed at the broader levels like in the Parliament.


Sharing economy is the term given to the description of an economic activity that is based on online transactions. This takes the form of accessing the goods and the services in an open source community. The easiest way to explain this is that it involves wholly online transactions.
Such an economyhas been often discussed to be quite misleading. This is thought such because many believe that these canfetchan only temporary profit. However, many take it in a positive way. They feel that this allows the consumer to enjoy two-sided roles. The consumer here may provide the resources or may buy them.


The important sharing sectors as examined globally include the economy sectors like the accommodation, music, video sharing, transport and also staffing. This had been marked by a sudden increase in the year 2013 when it was just $15 billion and has been estimated to be about $335 billion by the year 2025.
In Canada, this has been totally emphasized to benefit many people. This is rising with the use of the sharing start-ups that are online based. This is not only followed at the national level but also at the International level.
There is also a negative impact on it. These willincreasethe number of winners and losers in the field of the same business and hence increasing chaos.


The Government of Canada has already increased the practice of examination of both the positive and the negative sides of such an economy. Some sectors of the Government is valuing the economy to be a better aspect while some others are demoralizing it and putting forward to thepeople the negative aspects.


The report summaries also suggest that it has a deep outlook on the activities in relation to the sharing economy. The points where the focus has been made are as follows:

  • Understanding, analyzing and measuring the impacts that will be made by the sharing economy.

  • The changing nature of both the production and the consumption of the resources are being seen in a newer fashion. So, to this, there have been a lot of updates and reviews made. New rules and regulations with a proper code of conduct have been made in relation to the sharing economic practices.

  • The guidelines have been set for individuals as for how to participate in the goals of the sharing economy. This has also been a guideline for consumers, prosumers as well as entrepreneurs.

  • The amplification of the positive impacts is a matter of consideration in this report.

  • Pathways have also been set for newer ideas relating too the collaboration of other interested people to develop the policies relating to the sharing economy.

  • The report also has presented some examples that can be a perfect one to encourage newer people in this field.

  • The sharing economy can be a great one for those who are frustrated over years regarding a perfect scope of the job and yet are not successful in their fields. Small start-up businesses with short span helping out people with goods and services can be a brilliant idea


Sharing economy can be a master plan for those who want to dedicate their life to services for human benefits and increase the prospects of entrepreneurship. The world is facing a recent rise in this field because this not only fetches good profits but is also a beneficial one in terms of increasing the self-confidence of an individual and not making him face the troubles of a corporate world. The online services are in great demand these days because it is easy to process and is also accessible to the consumers.

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