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8 Practical Strategies to Keep Stress Levels at Bay As You Work on Your Weight


The first thing a stranger may notice about you is your weight and the way you carry that weight. Even though someone doesn't know you personally, it's not uncommon for a person to cast judgement due to excess weight. It's not right, but it's the reality of the world in which we live. Not to mention, extra weight might bring stress into your life, not only health-wise, but also because of the harsh judgement from others. Some women have gone to extreme lengths to achieve a better body, with some even turning to drugs.

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Most "quick weight loss" methods that people use to lose weight may not work, while those that do may cause more harm than good. Some solutions are not worth taking. Below are a few tips that you can implement into your life to help you deal with stress and weight gain.


When stress is making you gain weight, you need to start moving. Start carrying out different sets of exercises every day to improve your physical and mental condition. Even if you don't have the energy to lift weights during intensive training, you can start by a morning jog. By running or skipping, you reduce the cortisol levels in your body so that your cells can stop storing fat that is caused by being stressed out.

If you're feeling depressed, kick off your morning with a set of steps or a simple walk over a significant distance to relax your body and mind.


Some people, when stressed out, will reach for cakes, chocolate, and ice cream to make them feel better. These sugar-laden snacks will only add to your weight, even if they feel good in the meantime. Small, simple changes can make a big difference. For example, instead of sugar-filled yogurts, try unsweetened Greek yogurt and enjoy it with fresh blueberries or strawberries. Look for clean foods that add healthy nutrients to your body.

You may find whole grains and oats boring, but such meals boost your mood and can improve your health so that you don't keep packing on the pounds. For meat, choose lean protein and fish to boost brain function. You should also attempt to replace sodas, diet sodas, and other sugary drinks with water. Such foods and fluids help your body fight stress since they contain the right nutrients to boost your energy levels.

Also, slow down while you eat. Eating calmly without rushing prevents cortisol from storing fat. Your mode of eating also affects how food is digested, therefore, take it slow to avoid heartburn and indigestion.

Avoid stressors

The pressure that comes with the need to balance your job, family and relationship can make you stressed. Make it easier for you by avoiding stressors such as taking time off from doing something that you dislike, but do out of obligation. Get rid of one routine that you don't enjoy every week and replace it with things that put you in a better mood. Make a proper timetable balancing out your likes and dislikes so that they don't weigh you down—literally and figuratively.

Avoid drinking or smoking

Never mix your stressors with drugs or alcohol. Visit Broomfield rehab centers in case you have a drug problem to prevent further complications. Those who use drugs to reduce weight can also get help from such rehabs. Alcohol and other substance only add more sugar levels in your body affecting your cholesterol levels thus you end up gaining more rather than losing. Drugs that reduce appetite only delay the effects of weight gain as you recover from them. Keep your body free from any kinds of chemicals from drugs so that you can fight stress and prevent your body from gaining more weight.

Spare enough time to rest

Sleeping when your mind is feeling disturbed can be difficult but is necessary.  Enjoy 8 hours of sleep without distracting your mind from thoughts. You can seek assistance from natural sleeping aids in cases of insomnia.
Are you losing concentration at daytime due to stress? Spare some 20 minutes out of your busy schedule to relax your mind while sleeping. This refreshes your brain so that you wake up feeling better to proceed with your activities. Lack of sleep triggers your body to store excess fat as it increases your stress levels.

Try supplements

Use natural supplements to minimize feelings of anxiety.  Taking about 750 mg of supplements such as GABA help you relieve tension and anxiety. Natural supplements do not affect your weight or cause any drowsiness but work on your depression levels for you to calm down.


Just as you plan for everything else, come up with weight goals that you want to achieve within a particular time frame. You can do this by targeting losing a specific number of pounds every month. Record your current weight in a journal and keep the record every month to see if you are making any progress as per your target. Make a list of foods and number of calories you consume every day so that you can stay focused. Such a plan also helps you deal with your anxiety as it makes you feel in control of your body.


As you work out, use therapy to heal your mind. Face your stressors through help from a counselor. Let a professional help you find a solution to your problems to clear off your mind. Use the power of mediation to relieve signs of depression and anxiety. You can also get a religious counselor to help you straighten out your religious belief. Find your strength in God to guide you handle life situations better.

Final thoughts

Changing your lifestyle as you implement these strategies will help you get rid of weight gain and manage stress. Avoid alternatives that cause more harm than good to your body. Even when people judge you by your weight, avoid listening to such voices and work towards your mental and physical well-being. Take control of your life today and fit back into your favorite pants without looking down on yourself.

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