Monday, May 13, 2019

Decor Inspiration: White Kitchens

A crisp, ivory kitchen evokes a sense of pure cleanliness. Because I'm a messy cook, however, I don't think a white kitchen is for me. It'd probably be marked with splatter stains from various wines and children's spills. Sometimes that pesky red coloring is no match for my cleaning supplies. Of course, that doesn't stop me from "ooh-ing" and "ahh-ing" whenever I see such a pristine, sparkling, white kitchen in someone else's home.

I like to pretend, so let's take a moment and imagine that I'm a neat freak with cleaning skills that rival that of Mary Poppins. A white kitchen would then be possible, because I'd be meticulous about wiping everything down every twenty minutes. So, what would my white kitchen look like?

Perhaps I'd have a modern black and white kitchen...

It's quite lovely, isn't it? I like it, but at the same time, I get a kind of hotel or office vibe. It seems a bit too professional. I'm not feeling it too much. I do, however, love the way they mixed black, white, and chrome with more earthy tones. That's something I'd never be able to successfully pull off.

Maybe a pastel color, such as a light blue, would better suit my white kitchen?

Ah, yes. This kitchen is more my style. It's light, airy, and has more of a "traditional" feel to it. It's not too spacious but not too claustrophobic. I love the back splash over the stove. I love the lighting. Most of all, I love how the high chair in the right corner matches the decor. But seriously, who has the time and money to coordinate like that?

Maybe I'd go with a more fancy kitchen?

Alright, this kitchen—while absolutely incredible—is bringing me back to reality. I'm not Mary Poppins. I'm not a meticulous clean freak. And the impeccable cleanliness is giving me an anxiety attack. That immaculate floor is just begging to have something spilled on it. The wine glasses hanging along the cupboard wall are waiting to be knocked off by a child tossing a ball. And that white, fluffy rug over there by the sofa? Yeah. This kitchen is a mother's worst nightmare.

I'm just going to move on...

Maybe all I need is natural lighting and a dark-colored floor.

This little kitchen is nice. I'd have never thought about combining crisp white with wood and slate, it this looks stunning. You can even see that they coordinated beautiful stone hues on the back splash. Everything just comes together in this room, even though, separately, it would seem as though they didn't fit. The natural light and potted plants make it pop. Yes, I like this one. Particularly because the floor is darkly colored and would hide scuff marks and stains. 

The last kitchen was my favorite. But then, I saw this one...

Even if I wasn't a clean freak, I feel that this one would be acceptable. It's mainly white, yes, but it looks relatively easy to clean. I love the window in front of the sink. Considering that I've always wanted one, maybe I'm just biased towards this kitchen. Even still, I love the floor and the table. I think that since the counter tops are dark, any stains would be less apparent. I love the tile along the wall—easy to clean. This one looks cozy, comfortable, and somewhere that I could see myself cooking without worrying about dropping a single crumb.

My current kitchen has a beige-colored tile floor, almond-colored appliances, speckled beige counter tops, and maple-colored cabinets. It's light, cozy, and easy to clean—but I still leave stains from time to time. After writing this post, I know that a white kitchen isn't for me. They're still gorgeous, but I'll have to wait until the kids move out before I could even think about something so high maintenance.

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