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Travelling is something which all humans are possibly in love with. You will find hardly anyone who would tell you that he or she doesn’t like to travel. All of us are imbibed with a thirst for wanderlust which makes us travel and explore new places. However, travelling around the world has never been a dream which is easy to achieve. To accomplish and fulfill all the responsibilities of our modern lives and then gather the energy, time and money for travelling has always been a challenging thing to do.

But with the revolution in modern technology, travelling has changed a lot too. Travelling around the world is easier and cheaper than ever. And in this age of the internet, the connected world which we live in has made working while we are travelling a reality. Nowadays, no matter if you are sitting in one of the vacation rentals near Lake Como Italy or you are travelling through the Karakoram Highway of China, as long as you are connected to the internet, you will be able to find a lot of ways to earn money. If you are someone who is looking forward to a life on the road, working from different cities while you are travelling and a life full of excitement and adventure, then here are the top eight ways to earn money while you travel around the world.

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1. Start a travel blog

Starting a travel blog is the most obvious and easiest ways to earn money while travelling. Starting a blog is really easy, but creating content for your blog is not. However, as you will be travelling a lot while you are working on your blog, content will be the least of your concern. Post travel guides to the places you have been to, write about the must-see destinations or the best things to do in a place or write about hidden places or lesser known restaurants of a destination.

2. Start a YouTube channel

Staring at a YouTube channel is another thing which you can do while you are travelling quite easily. All you need a laptop, a camera and an internet connection for this. Create travel videos, vlogs, food-related videos or anything else and upload them through your YouTube channel. As you will be travelling to many new places while doing this, finding content for your channel should be very easy.

3. Work as a freelance travel photographer

If you are passionate about photography, then the best way to turn your passion into your job is by working as a freelance photographer. There are many online sites looking for new photos every day. As you will be travelling to new places every now and then, capture some beautiful images of the places you are visiting. You can sell these photos on one of these websites for a fee. Also, you can build up your Instagram profile using these photos and use them as a portfolio to get freelance photography jobs for newspapers, magazines or websites.

4. Work as a freelance content writer

Freelance content writing is probably one of the most well-known freelance jobs to do. They are also very easy to come by. There are different websites like Upwork, Elance, iwriter etc. where clients post these freelance writing jobs. Some of these jobs pay quite well too and if you are good with your words, you can expect to earn quite a handsome sum while working as a freelance content writer.

5. Work as a freelance website developer or website designer

Website developing and website designing are very much in need in this age of the internet. Almost each and every business and companies want their own website. Learning to design or develop a website takes a bit of time, but you can easily learn these skills within a few months. You can then either take up jobs posted by clients on the freelance websites, or you can even approach small businesses at the places you are travelling to, to get business from the less tech-savvy clients too.

6. Work as an app developer

Just like websites, due to the popularity of smartphones, developing apps is another skill which has a lot of demand in our time. Learning to make an app is a bit more difficult than learning to develop a basic website, but there are many courses online which will teach you all the skills you need to develop an app properly. Use your skill to get jobs from websites like Elance or Upwork. You can also offer website and app development together as a package to attract more clients.

7. Work as a graphic designer

Another job which you can easily do while you are travelling is working as a graphic designer. You need to have a good knowledge of Photoshop to start working as a graphic designer. But as you start working, you will be able to get works from various websites or companies to design their logo, banners, pamphlets and other PR materials.

8. Work as a virtual assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the best jobs to do while you are travelling. All you need is a computer and an internet connection to do this jobs. Search for job postings on Elance or Upwork and apply for a position which you like. You might have to do some very basic jobs like data management or spreadsheet handling, or you might also have to do other assistant works like booking tickets, scheduling appointments etc.

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