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You can finally eliminate pests for good using this


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There is nothing as annoying as a pest interrupting your sleep directly through bites or indirectly through noisy movements around the home. This can be irritating especially if you stay alone like most of us. Pests inhabit places that we tend to ignore for long and make it its home.
You may find different pests for both the summer and winter seasons. There are many ways you can prevent and get rid of them before calling for professional help.  We will teach you some of the most effective methods of eliminating them from your home. It can take some time, but you can finally achieve a bug- free home. Read on!

Identify the pest

Your home or garden is prone to pests’ invasion. They can be bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquito flies, beetles or caterpillars. Know what kind of pest you are fighting so that you can get the right pesticide to kill it. It also takes the right preventive measures such as storing your food away if the pests are cockroaches.

Get rid of still water

Some insects such as mosquitoes or rodents find pleasure in still water. Ensure that your kitchen and bathroom are always dry to prevent such pests from occupying the areas. If your pipes are leaking, you can get them fixed through your home warranty. If you have a pet, avoid leaving water for them outside the entire night.

Maintain proper hygiene in your kitchen

You may be too busy to note that your kitchen has become a home for some these pests due to unhygienic conditions. If you have different foods, store them in sealed containers that don't encourage pests to get in. Pests such as cockroaches love crumbs and fruits. Get rid of the bread crumbs in your toaster.
Ensure that your vegetables and fruits remain in your fridge. Avoid piling up dishes after meals. You can either get a dishwasher or soak them in soapy water till you can clean them. Wipe the kitchen surfaces with soap to keep off germs after cleaning your utensils.
Take out your garbage regularly and seal it to prevent rodents from getting in. Handle pet food well by getting rid of the remainders once your pet is full so that rodents don't take over.

Declutter your house

The kitchen is not the only place that is prone to pests. Your entire house can be infested by different pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches or mosquitoes. If you clean your house daily, you will be removing eggs of pests that may be lying around.
You can use a vacuum cleaner that contains a bag to capture different pests easily. Your pet can also be a target to pests. Wash the fur of your dog or cat regularly and comb it to remove any fleas.
Keep your appliances clean and dry by using a damp rag. Be neat with your clothes and never fold them when they are not completely dry. You can use plastic bags to fold your clothes to prevent them from moths or rats. Having a rat hole on your favorite attire is painful.

Use digital means

Piling up newspapers and magazine under a cabinet or table is old-school. Not many people review those papers after the news is stale. These papers accumulate lots of dirt and can harbor pests without our knowledge. Get rid of such stacks and use online resources to access relevant information.  

Don't make your home a target

You can do this by denying any pests access by locking your windows and doors once you have had enough ventilation. Repair windows that are poorly sealed or walls that have cracks on them. Pests such as ants are tiny and can penetrate such areas. You can install weather stripping and screens on your doors and windows.
Look for silicone caulk to seal those cracks on your wall or sink. Your heating vents should not remain exposed. You can seal them with screens. If you use firewood to warm yourself during the winter season, get rid of the debris as soon as you are done.
We transport some of these pests in our bags. It might be a box that has not been opened for long. Always countercheck the packages you receive before introducing them to your home

Try pesticides

Different kinds of pesticides vary in toxicity. You don't want one that it too strong for your home for the safety of toddlers. Get a less toxic one such as boric acid to kills ants, silverfish or mosquitoes.
You can choose bait boxes instead of sprays or powder for the safety of your family. You can use bait boxes on food items, plates as well as cookery. This prevents food poisoning from a strong spray. There are also insecticidal soaps that get rid of fleas on your pets. It will not harm your best friend.
Apply the pesticides only when there is a need. Go through the label carefully to ascertain that it is the right one for the target pests. The instructions also come with guidelines on how to use them. Be keen on labels that read "danger" or "warning."
Do not use pesticides in a less ventilated area. You can open your windows or run your fan to allow air circulation. You can also use it as you go to work to leave it the whole day to take effect. Do not leave your pans or dishes open when you want to spray it.

Get professional help

Some pests are too stubborn and hard to kill. Landmark home warranty reviews say that the company offers pest control services to users. You can benefit from their professional help at no costs. They use more active chemicals that are strong, but safe for your family. They can provide you with the data sheet that proves the safety of the chemicals. Make that call today and get rid of bedbugs for good.

Final thoughts

Pests can be bothersome and hard to kill since they keep on multiplying through laying eggs. The methods above will help you stop this multiplication. Always ensure that your pesticides don't come into contact with your children. Remember, you deserve a good night sleep without interruption from a creepy pest.

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