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Working With Brands - It Doesn't Have To Be Scary!

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One of the key ways of making money as a blogger is to work with brands and businesses for collaborations and sponsored posts. This is a prospect that frightens many bloggers, especially when you’re starting out. However, with the right approach, you’ll soon have nothing to fear when working with brands and can proceed with confidence.

Learn the secrets of working with brands and enjoy the thrill of being able to grow your blog, produce great content and enjoy amazing experiences.

Don’t dismiss your value

What’s been holding you back from pitching to brands so far? If it’s a fear that your blog isn’t good enough, or too small, then it’s time to have more confidence in your blog. Your blog is your passion and passion is what many brands look for when they look for bloggers and influencers to work with.

Your audience might be small, but it could actually be very valuable. If they’re engaged, write comments, take on board your product recommendations, etc., then they could be more valuable to a brand than a blogger who has a large volume of followers or subscribers, but little to no meaningful engagement!

Get to know your stats so that when it comes to making your pitches you’ll be able to sell yourself better.

Create your wishlist of who you’d like to work with

Every blogger has a dream list of brands they’d like to work with, from luxury designers to top restaurants and tech companies. It’s good to have something to aim for, and creating a wishlist of brands and businesses you’d like to work with can give you some direction to your blogging.

While it’s nice to include some big brands on your list, you should also consider smaller, less well-known brands to give you some variety. Successful campaigns with smaller brands could lead to larger collaborations, while you might have bigger success getting those collaborations if you choose more local businesses.

Designing your pitch

Brands hear from bloggers every day, and making your pitch stand out is important if you want to secure a successful collaboration. A sample brand pitching letter can help you figure out what you want to say, allowing you to tailor the content according to your unique details.

Creating a media kit can be a great way to include key details about you and your blog in your pitch. Remember to update it regularly to make sure you include the most recent details about your work, as well as your follower numbers, etc.

Keep an eye out for ‘bloggers wanted’

If you’re not feeling 100% confident to pitch to brands off your own back, you could always keep an eye out for ‘bloggers wanted’. Take a look at blogger collaboration networks, which you can register for, and pitch for collaborations being promoted by brands. It can be easy to earn collaborations this way, as you’ll be told what the brand’s requirements are and if you met them before you apply.

Make sure people can get in touch with you

Not all collaborations begin with a blogger contacting a brand, sometimes (and often), the brand contacts the blogger. But they can only do that if you have your contact details visible. Setting up a unique email address for your blogs stops you having to give out your personal details, allowing you to keep your blog correspondence separate. Remember to list your email address on your Instagram and other social networks to make sure people can contact you directly from all of your platforms.

To receive items to review, as well as gifted and sponsored items, it makes sense to get an alternative mailbox that you can have your mail sent to. A physical address is a good way to keep your personal details private, and making sure you can check your mail from wherever you are. Many bloggers have a PO box, which makes it easier to receive ‘blogger mail’ from brands.

Deliver on your promises

To ensure a lasting relationship with a brand, you need to make sure you deliver what you’ve promised, and ensure that they do the same. Focus on creating interesting, creative content that reflects your best work. Learn how to improve your photography and write well to attract readers and ensure your post is a success. If you can get a testimonial from a brand after work is complete, this could be useful for helping you secure future work.

Instead of being afraid to approach brands, take the chance and go for it. Collaborations and partnerships can grow your blog in many ways and help you benefit from further monetization. Who would you like to work with? Start seeking those opportunities today.

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