Thursday, February 21, 2019

5 Signs You Shouldn’t Get a Dog

If you consider yourself to be a “dog person,” then from time to time you’ll get to thinking about having one of your own. After all, you love dogs, and there are plenty of dogs who need a home, so why wouldn’t you reach out and welcome one into your home? Well, there are many reasons, as we’ll see below. While we’re not trying to discourage anyone from getting a canine best friend, it’s important to think about certain things before making the jump -- for the dog’s sake as well as your own.

You’re Only Thinking of the Benefits

It’s easy to get lost in a daydream of long walks along the beach, or curling up on the couch and watching a movie, or any of the other benefits of having your own dog. But this is only one side of dog ownership -- the other involves, you know, waking up earlier than you’d like, dealing with teething destruction, and your freedom being limited. As with anything in life, don’t just think of the good things that can come. Weigh up the pros and cons, and come to a logical decision, not an emotional one.

You Don’t Have Time

You might know in your heart of hearts that you could deal with any of the downsides of having a pet, but there’s often a bigger issue at play -- time. Like, do you have enough of it to dedicate to your dog? It’s not just about making sure they get two walks a day; it’s about going to dog training, and ensuring they’re not left home alone for long periods. If you’re currently finding it difficult to fit all of your obligations into your schedule, then a dog is not going to be the right option at this moment in time.

Family Doubts

You might be super excited about the prospect of having a pet dog, but unless you’re not the only person in your household, then it’s not just up to you. Everyone else in your family needs to be on board with the idea, too. Now, it won’t be all that difficult to convince your children, but what about your partner? They’re the one who has to be just as enthusiastic as you are. It won’t work if you’re the only one in the home giving the dog love -- they need to feel part of the family.

Financial Issues

There’s no getting around the fact that having a dog costs money, sometimes a lot of money. You’ll need to have the cash for vaccinations, toys, and, of course, food, but then there’s also the matter of surprise vet visits and other unexpected expenses. If you’re struggling with your financial situation, it’s best to postpone getting a dog until everything’s more settled and you’re in a better position.

Mental Gymnastics

Finally, beware of mental gymnastics! If you’re elevating certain points and downplaying others in order to get your preferred answer to whether you can get a dog or not, you’re probably not ready. Be logical!

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