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Giving Birth is a Physical Trauma: Here's How To Recover Fast

If you would like to recover from giving birth, you might be told that millions of women cope every year, and you will be fine. What some people don’t tell you, however, is that pregnancy and giving birth are a physical trauma you need to recover from. After all, you were carrying the extra weight for nine months put extra pressure on your cardiovascular system and your joints, and your organs might have moved around. Still, it was worth every minute. No matter if you have given birth naturally, or had a Caesarian section, you will need to give your body and soul time to heal, so you can become the best mother ever.

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Stay Active

To deal with the stress and the lack of exercise you might have had before you have given birth, you might want to get back to your regular activities, despite the pain and discomfort. You should, however, talk to your doctor and ask for advice. Chances are that you might need to start slow,. Maybe you can start with some yoga stretches initially, and then Tai Chi, followed by swimming and more rigorous exercise. The key is to do at least ten minutes of walking or light exercise, if you can. You don’t have to spend hours exercising; it would be impossible with a new baby.

Ask for Help

Our grandmothers had the advantage of friends and family members coming around to help them out in the first few weeks after giving birth. Today, due to the changing roles of women and the busy life we are living, as well as the fact that our parents are working longer, it is not that straightforward. That is why you might want to search for help. Even if you are only getting a friend to come around for a coffee and help you with your chores, or employ someone for a couple of hours a week to help you stay on top of the house, you can reduce your stress level and get more done, maybe have some “me time”.

Take Advantage of Power Naps

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We don’talways get to sleep when we want to with a new baby. This is normal. In case you are up a couple of times a night, you will need to give yourself a chance to catch up on sleep. Just ignore how many things you need to do for a while, and have a power nap during the day while the little one decides to sleep, too. Your body clock will be out of sync for a while, but it is important that you are getting the rest, or you will develop mental health issues, and delay your physical recovery.

Build Up Your Confidence

Looking in the mirror and seeing the baby weight is often knocking back our confidence. You need to be more forgiving and understand that this is natural, and every woman goes through the same body changes, which are reversible. Before you start a weightloss routine, it is important that you understand which vitamins and nutrients your body needs to stay healthy, and create a nutrition plan along with your exercise routine. You will need to accept the changes as natural before you can start making a plan to improve your health and wellbeing. After all, it is all in the head.

Deal with Pain Effectively

Every woman experiences pain and discomfort after giving birth. You should stay comfortable and worry less about your looks and more about recovery. Wearing leggings at home and when you are going for a walk is completely acceptable, provided that you don’t experience pain and irritation. You should also pay attention to the underwear you choose after giving birth. You might need a support or lactation bra, as well as briefs. Look for the latest innerparents postpartum underwear to choose the right one for your condition and style.

Learn about Motherhood

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One of the reasons why new mothers feel overwhelmed in the first few months is that they are unsure they can look after their baby as well as they want to. To boost your confidence you can read different books, blogs, and articles, and go on some courses. Your local community center might have some parenting courses or mother and baby clubs, where you can learn how to deal with colic, massage your baby, and how to deal with smaller illnesses and skin conditions. Once you know that you are not alone, it will be easier to handle the situation with confidence.

Get Out and About

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If you are stuck inthe house with a baby all day, you are more likely to experience mood swings and depression. Get out there, even if you are only spending a few minutes at a coffee morning of your local church. You can also find baby-friendly cafes and shopping malls where you can take some time off your busy routine and meet new faces. If your partner is working all day, it will be a long time before you can discuss your issues and thoughts with others. Try to connect with new mums in your region, and meet up at the local park for a chat and a light walk together.

Maintain Your Social Circle

Many women report that they lose their friends after having a baby. It is not always the other person’s fault. You should invite them over to your home if you cannot go out, and make it clear that you are the same person, even though you are a mother now. Some people are scared of disturbing you or feel uncomfortable claiming your time. You might also be going through some difficult emotional phases, and if you don’t maintain your friendships, they are likely to disappear forever. Make it clear that your friends are still an important part of your life, even if you cannot go out on Friday night any more.

Help Your Digestive System

It might also be a good idea to help your digestive system to recover. Many women report that they cannoteat the same food they used to enjoy before giving birth. Probiotics and maintaining a healthy diet will help you restore the bacteria in your gut and improve your metabolism at the same time. You don’t have to give up food just because you still experience acid reflux. Get professional advice on which natural remedies and supplements will help you recover as soon as possible.

Balance Your Hormones

After you have given birth, naturally your hormones will balance themselves out, but this is not always the case. You will need to help your body by having a regular exercise routine, making the most out of your diet, and protecting your immune system. In case you are going back to hormonal contraception after giving birth, you might want to have a chat with your specialist about the different options, so you can avoid side effects, such as hormonal imbalance that can cause depression, mood swings, and hunger or even weight loss. This might also be the right time to get your thyroidhormone levels checked.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Getting your sex life back on track will be challenging after giving birth. Your hormones are all over the place, and you might be too tired to think about romance anyway. Always listen to your doctor’s advice and follow the recovery timeline carefully. You might feel like you are less attractive than before, and your body image might need work. However, you can always boost your confidence in your femininity using pelvic floor exercises. You might need to avoid Kegel balls for a while, but you can still use some of the natural ways to exercise your pelvic floor and restore its flexibility. This will also help you prevent water retention issues.

Avoid Infections

You have to follow your doctor’s advice word-for-word and make sure that you are getting your stitches and your scars checked. Avoid using perfumed soap or shower gel at sensitive areas, and always use natural products in the first few weeks after giving birth. Your child will also be sensitive to some of the synthetic ingredients, so switching to natural body lotions and hygiene products is a good idea. You will also have to strengthen your immune system to fight off bacterial and viral infections better.

Practice Mindfulness

One of the best waysof recovering from trauma is paying more attention to your thoughts and what your body is telling you. You have to go for walks, watch the birds in the garden, and learn to stay quiet for a while so you know what is going on inside your head. From meditation to yoga practice and self-hypnosis, there are several ways you can learn more about how you feel and how best to deal with your emotions. If you want more clarity in your life and thoughts, you certainly need to commit to mindfulness every day.

Giving birth is the happiest - and often the most challenging  - events in women’s lives. Be the best version of yourself to overcome the difficult days, weeks, and months.

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