Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Shaking Up The Nine To Five

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The days can drag on but the years seem to race by and that’s not just true of when we have children, it can apply to our own, adult lives as well. There are many reasons why our days might feel long, perhaps we’re battling illness or worried about financial pressures but very often we are just, plain bored.

This is likely down to our jobs, the places we spend most of our waking hours at and where we find ourselves caught in an age old dilemma of needing the money but not feeling fulfilled. This feeling can very often spiral into a deep resentment of your office and even the people around you, so it helps if your colleagues are fun to work with and also share some understanding of how you are feeling about your job.

But aside from supportive colleagues what else can you do to make the 9 to 5 more interesting without having to jack it all in and start all over again?

Be Flexible

In so many offices nowadays there is a push towards people working from home and just because yours hasn’t instigated that, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask. If the daily commute is part of the reason behind your misery then ask your manager to take a day at home once or even twice a week where you can work on projects peacefully and without interruption. Bonus: you can stay in your pyjamas and you won’t have to make coffee for anyone else.

But in truth working from home can make you more productive, particularly if you do need to focus in on one assignment without chat from colleagues and more work landing on your desk. Point all this out to the boss and they’ll be on your side in no time.

Have Fun Stuff Planned

You work hard to make your money, whether you’re a sorting finances in a bank or Landscaping, so if all you’ve got to look forward to at the weekend is some laundry and childcare, then you need to rethink your strategy. You might be on a budget but schedule something to do that gives you joy and a proper break from the drudgery of working and domestic life. Something just for you that you can either spend time on your own doing or with a loved one.

Ultimately of course, you might consider changing up your job entirely. If the commute and continual struggle to balance home and work is getting harder and not easier then there might never be a better time. In which case spend an evening looking at your resume and getting it in shape ready for the next step along your career ladder.

You could implement some changes that make your working life easier and have something to look forward to at the weekend or you could decide that enough is enough and begin the search for a new job. Either way don’t waste time on what ifs, make some changes today and give your days a do-over.

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