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Luminox Sports Watches

Luminox Sports Watches

Luminox watches, founded in 1989, are high-performance sports watches with extraordinary cutting-edge luminescent readability. These superior watches have risen to a major prominence in the world of watchmaking. The name is derived from the Latin word “lumi” for light and the word “nox” for night. They use the ‘Always Visible’ technology (referred to as Luminox Light Technology or LLT) that utilizes boro-silicate chambers containing Tritium, which always glows but becomes even more apparent as the light quality diminishes.

That unique watch makes it an ideal timepiece for night missions and search and rescues of the US Navy SEALs, the US Air Force, the US Coast Guard, the New York City Police Department, Special Military Forces Israel, the Singapore Air Force, Lockheed Martin, and many other law enforcement groups and Emergency Medical Services throughout the world as well as Olympic and other athletes attempting to beat their own best time. By 2008, Luminox had expanded to more than 50 countries and had become a trusted global brand.

Luminox watches are tough and dependable for high-intensity activities and are designed to last for as many as 25 years while also being attractive and desirable. Their four different categories are those for Air, Land, Sea, and Space. Popular models include the Sentry, the Navy SEAL, the EVO, the Atacama, and the Sea Turtle. Additionally, the Deep Dive Automatic Series is essential gear for serious divers and professionals and complies with the extremely high strict standards of ISO 6425 for diving watches. Also, all Luminox Watches continue to fulfill the regulations of the new Swiss-Made law that went into effect in January of 2017.

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