Thursday, March 21, 2019

Simple Bathroom Upgrades

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Sometimes you want to breathe new life into a bathroom but do not want to have to strip it totally or spend a fortune. There are some simple things that will help to upgrade it though and they can make quite a difference. Most of them would take no more than a few hours to complete, and certainly, in a weekend, you could probably do a couple of them.

Install A Shower Door

Get rid of that shower curtain and install a shower door instead. This will help to ensure that it is just you that gets wet and not the whole of your bathroom. While you are dealing with your shower, you should also install one of the range of Grundfos pressure pumps, as these will improve the water pressure when you are having your shower. Add a new soap dish and a new showerhead and it will be as though you have had the whole thing refitted when in reality you will have spent just a few dollars.

Add A Few Extra Tiles

Add some extra tiles around your bathtub and hand basin to make the walls more waterproof and to add some extra interest. If there are some existing tiles already there, do not try to match them but find a contrast or pattern that will go with them and your bathroom will have an immediate uplift.

Change The Fixings

Items such as towel rails, soap dishes, and toilet roll holders can start to look a bit dated after a while. You can buy complete sets of these quite cheaply in most hardware stores. A few screws are all it takes to get the old ones off and fit the new. You might even add an extra towel rail by your upgraded shower.

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Upgrade Your Storage

Bathrooms are like any room in the home in that the more cluttered they are the messier they look and the harder they are to clean. Fit some new storage, such as a medicine cabinet or a vanity unit under your sink. Then everything you need can still be to hand but out of sight when it is not being used.

Fit New Faucets

Fitting new faucets to your hand basin and bathtub can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. Even ones that have been well cared for start to degrade with age and updating them can make using your sink a lot more pleasant.

Change The Flooring

Now all these things around the bathroom have been done there is really just one thing left to change – the flooring. You could lay some new tiles quite easily and your upgraded bathroom will be complete.

You could well be looking at these suggestions and thinking that you have never done anything like it before. This could make you concerned about tackling some of the jobs yourself. There really are two choices. There is a lot of information and videos online that will show you how, but if you still feel uncertain, some of these jobs would take a tradesperson a very short time and it might be worth using one of them.

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