Friday, March 1, 2019

Six Tips to Get Hired Fast

Have you been hunting for a job for some time without getting any positive feedback? Well, there're a lot of people in the same situation as yours. Don’t give up yet, because your time has come and you’re going to be called for an interview soon. Probably you only need to make a few changes on your application techniques to get to your dream job. The following job application tips will guide you on how to get hired fast.

Search for Jobs

Look and apply for job posts from different platforms. You don’t only need to rely on newspapers, magazines, and Televisions nowadays thanks to the internet. Most of the companies that are hiring have online profiles such as, website, Facebook page, twitter, and LinkedIn. They always advertise any vacancy they have on their career page. So, make sure to browse for jobs online every day.

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Every job seeker should take networking very seriously. Don’t just upload your pictures on those social media accounts, make sure you connect with many people and career pages and groups. You can post that you’re looking for a job on your timeline. After all, who knows who might be reading.

Your relatives and friends may also refer you to companies that are currently hiring so let as many people know that you're searching for a job.

Don’t Apply to any Job Post

Don't apply to every vacancy you come across. Take your time before writing any application. Read the job title fast, proceed to carefully read the entire description, noting down all the skills required. Finally, decide whether you're a good fit for the job. If you're qualified for the job, start writing your application immediately and if not, don’t waste your precious time, go on looking for other jobs.

Continue Applying to More Jobs

If you want a job soon, don't just send two applications and sit back waiting for the feedback. By now you must have known how competitive searching for a job is. So, post more and more applications without thinking about the previous ones. The more you apply, the higher the chances of getting one or two.

Make your application nice, short and relevant

Before writing your application, read the instructions carefully. Check whether your cv is up to date before sending it. Ensure it’s clear, has your contacts, a summary at the begging and the experiences. Don’t worry if you have none though. Ensure you your skills are also well highlighted. Download this resume template to make your work easier and faster. Some companies may ask you to fill in their online form; ensure you write correctly and proofread your work before you submit it.

Handle the Interview like a Pro

You have struggled to send applications, and by good luck, you were contacted by one or two companies for an interview. Be thankful for that chance and do all possible thing to an ace the interview like a pro. Google all about the company in advance and search also the most common questions that interviewers are likely to ask.

Take any interview with a lot of seriousness. If it's a video call interview be smartly dressed and ensure your internet is okay. Being confident is a crucial thing to pass your interview. But again don’t be overconfident to the extent of asking your interviewer personal questions. You should only ask relevant questions.

There you have it. You now know what you were doing wrong when hunting for your dream job. It's not time to blame yourself, don't waste any more minute and start searching for jobs the right way. Be focused and persistence, and you'll land a job soon.

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