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5 Ways To Improve Your Productivity As A Freelance Blogger

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Freelance blogging is a little different to personal blogging.

While it's relatively easy to earn money from your own blog; you can find out more here; https://www.freelancelady.com/2014/10/9-ways-to-earn-money-with-your-blog.html, if you have a knack for writing and have the time to work freelance, you could sell your services to those businesses and other bloggers who need the skills of somebody such as yourself.

However, productivity is key. With potential deadlines to meet, you can't let yourself get distracted.

Should you be a freelance blogger, or should you be thinking about the prospect, here are some tips that should be useful to you.

#1: Have a dedicated workspace

If you're working from home, it is important to find a space with the least distraction. This might typically be a spare room which you have converted into a home office, though you might also consider renting an office space in your locale if your home is counterintuitive to work. Your workspace should have everything you need to hand to maximise productivity, so consider implementing some of the ideas from the following linked website, https://www.penelopeburns.com/workspace-design-and-productivity-for-a-better-blog/, to improve your productivity during the day.

#2: Create your work schedule

A schedule is important and will be personal to you. However, it needs to be planned in advance, so you have something to both remind you of what you need to do in the day, and to give you the impetus to avoid any distractions. Your schedule might include the priority blog posts you need to complete during the day, time for breaks to give yourself some headspace, and any admin tasks, such as emailing clients with invoices. Use one of these to-do list apps, https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/best-to-do-list-apps-tools to build your schedule.

#3: Look for ways to streamline your day

If you have a particularly busy schedule, it's important to find ways to streamline some of your more complicated processes. So, you might outsource some of your admin, for example, or use software tools such as this one, https://www.templafy.com/contract-management/, in relation to your contract management. You should also remove any non-priority tasks from your schedule, as if you do have deadlines to meet, you might be better off leaving certain jobs until the following day, or when your urgent tasks have been completed.

#4: Remove anything that might distract you

This isn't so easy when working from home, especially when you have family members in the house, but you do need to set boundaries. If you are able to find a childminder for your younger children, then do so, and for anybody else, remind them of your need to work. Then consider the other things that might distract you. If certain internet sites are a problem for you (Facebook is a biggie), install an internet blocker, so you don't fall prey to temptation. And if you don't need your phone for work purposes, consider turning that off too; at least until your designated break time.

#5: Type faster!

Finally, consider improving your typing speed if you're a little on the slow side. You can practice and improve your skills here, https://www.keyhero.com/, so have a go if you know you need help in this area. And when typing, don't worry too much about typos, as you don't want to limit your workflow when you have built up speed. After completing your first draft, use the free grammar and spelling tools provided by Grammarly, and with the tools the app provides, quickly and easily correct any mistakes you might have made.

We hope these ideas were useful to you, but let us know what you think. And if you have any productivity tips of your own, please feel free to share them with us.

Thanks for reading, and happy writing!

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