Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Anxious About Anxiety? Manage Your Symptoms In 3 Simple Steps

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Mental illness is losing its stigma, finally. The decades of maintaining a stiff upper lip and not talking about or sharing your problems are long gone. Now people are being told to speak up if and when they have an issue. Stress, anxiety and depression are nothing to be ashamed of. Many people go through periods of anxiety that is acute. For others, they have to endure more chronic periods of mental anguish. However, it’s vital that if and when you are struck by anxiety that you can manage your symptoms. Your anxiety makes you who you are. It’s part of your makeup and in your DNA. But you shouldn’t let it manifest in such a way that it has a devastating impact on your quality of life. Take a look at why you shouldn’t be as anxious about your anxiety.

Phone A Friend

No, we aren’t talking about the popular multiple choice game show that had a slumdog movie version borne from it. Picking up the phone and calling someone you trust when you feel things getting on top of you is vital. It's important to use your support network and let them know when you’re feeling worried or anxious as described at Your symptoms may manifest in mood swings, irritability, not sleeping or restlessness. Get your pals to look out for you. They may pop over just to keep you company, to take your mind off things and to chat. A problem shared really is a problem halved.

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Do Your Research

While Dr. Google is very little help most of the time because whenever you have a mild headache it tends to signify a malignant tumor according to the Internet - social media, forums and blogs can be a great source of support. Having individuals that have gone through similar experiences and reading about how they have come through the other side to feel content, happy and without anxiety can boost your morale and make you see that your situation isn’t hopeless. Take time to visit and check out their list of resources. There are a wealth of helplines and organizations that could help you see the wood for the trees.

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Taking some time out for yourself is vital in any self care regimen. You need to think about what relaxes you, takes your mind off things and allows you to switch off. This could be yoga, a gentle exercise to learn postures to aid physical suppleness coupled with breathing exercises for mental health. Or perhaps you like taking in a round of golf. Or maybe you just like heading to the cinema, catching the latest blockbuster and escaping reality for a couple of hours.

If you’re struggling to find an activity that suits you, try enrolling in a mindfulness class. These sessions help you reassess your thought process to stop you worrying about things that may never happen to living in the moment and enjoying the present. Easier said than done, by switching your mindset through mental exercises, you can begin sleeping better once again, seeing life through different eyes and seeing your anxiety symptoms lift.

While you may always suffer from anxiety sporadically throughout your life, you never have to let it rule your life.

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