Friday, April 5, 2019

Brilliant Barcelona!

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Barcelona is one of the most popular European cities to visit, and with fantastic food, stunning architecture, and excellent accommodation it's not hard to see why. In fact, if you are considering a trip to this fabulous city just keep reading to get the essential information you will need.

Getting there from the USA

Before you can enjoy the delight that Barcelona has to offer you need to get there, and when you are traveling from The USA, this can be something of a mammoth journey to deal with as you are looking at about 7-8 hours in the air from New York and more from cities elsewhere in the country.

The good news is that while many flights include stops in Alicante or Bordeaux, there are some that fly direct. Something that can make it a lot easy to get there.

Where to stay

Once you have to travel sorted you will need a place to stay while exploring the city. Happily, there is an extensive range of accommodation available from the cheapest offering such as hostels, and hotels the higher end of the scale. Then there is always the option to stay in an Airbnb which is usually mid-priced ending in how close to the city center of the size of the place you rent.

Gaudi Structures

After you have your accommodation sorted you're free to enjoy all the delight that this city has to offer. Of course, you can't head across the all that way across Atlantic and not visit some of the most famous and original architecture in the world!

Yes, I'm talking about the Gaudi structures that Barcelona is so we'll know for including the La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, as well as the Casa Batlló. A place which looks like it may just have been grown out of the ground organically rather than built!

Of course, many people choose the Gaudi structures as the site for some souvenir pictures, and you can even get a Barcelona vacation photographer to meet you there and take some shots for you. Then you will be able to be in the images and have the best memories of your visit to these iconic buildings.

Gothic Quarter

Then there is the fabulous gothic quarter in Barcelona which is a great place to go at night. The reason being that is chocked full of fashionable bars and clubs, as well as the site of some of the best traditional Catalan restaurants in the entire city.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Finally, there is the ever so slightly cheesy, but still entertaining Tibidabo Amusement Park. There you will find plenty of rides and attractions to fill your time including a virtual reality roller coaster, log flumes, and even a museum of slight creepy automatons.

Of course, the real jewel in the crown here is the big rainbow-colored wheel, that because of the park's elevation, provides all riders with some of the best possible views of the city!

You can even finish up with a meal or a snack in one of the park's restaurant and cafes, making a fantastic place to visit for kids and the young and earth alike.

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