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Easter 2019 Activity and Easter Basket Ideas

Traditional Easter activities usually consist of egg hunts, coloring Easter eggs, a feast, and church services. Many families will also give their children Easter baskets filled with candies and chocolates. Some families have chosen to move away from the traditional Easter methods and are now exploring more creative Easter basket ideas.

Here, we've compiled some traditional and non-traditional Easter activities and Easter basket ideas to help you plan your holiday.

Easter Activity Ideas for Kids

When it comes to Easter, we like to keep things simple yet fun. This round up of Easter activities are quick, easy, and will keep the kids entertained for hours.

Color Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Easter egg dye packs tend to be messy. Over the years, people have gotten more and more creative with coloring Easter eggs. Many of the materials needed to color eggs are likely already in your home. A fun, easy way to color eggs is to use shaving cream, food coloring, and hard boiled eggs.

After boiling your eggs and letting them cool, spray a lump of shaving cream onto paper plates (you'll need a paper plate for each color). Squirt a couple drops of food coloring onto each lump of shaving cream and swirl it around to mix the color in. Put gloves on your little ones and let them roll their eggs around in the shaving cream. You can create some really neat swirled Easter eggs by coloring eggs this way and it's much neater than the water/vinegar in cups with dye tablets.

DIY Easter Basket Chocolate

Get your children involved in making Easter sweets. Making your own chocolate from scratch is not an easy task but pouring pre-made, melted chocolate into molds is very easy. Just melt down chocolate chips or chocolate bars in a double boiler and then pour them into bunny or egg molds. Let them cool in the refrigerator and voila! You have perfect little chocolates. Wrap them in foil or plastic wrap to keep them fresh.

Easter Egg Hunt

No child's Easter Sunday would be complete without an Easter egg hunt. You can do the traditional Easter egg hunt by filling small plastic eggs with cheap candy like jelly beans (if it's warm, chocolate is not a wise choice, as it will melt) or small toys. Some people like to take it up a notch and will actually put money in the eggs for the kids to find.

Paint "Easter Egg" Rocks

If the weather is not cooperating for your Easter egg hunt, consider an indoor Easter activity. Instead of the traditional Easter egg hunt, gather a few rocks and paint them to look like Easter eggs. You can also encourage kids to write inspirational messages on their rocks and when the weather clears up, they can hide these rocks around the neighborhood. Finding an inspirational message on a colorful rock will be a pleasant surprise for those in the community!

Alternatively, you can engage in Easter crafts, such as creating Easter puppets with straws, paint, coloring pencils, markers, or crayons. Just draw animals, like chicks or bunnies onto cardboard, cut it out, and attach it to a straw with glue. Then put on a puppet show!

Easter 2019 Basket Ideas

Over the years, some really creative Easter basket ideas have popped up on social media. There are many different options for creating an Easter basket for your kids.

Here are a few ideas for non traditional Easter baskets. Utilize something more practical like:

  • Umbrellas - An opened umbrella, flipped upside down makes for a great "basket" to fill with goodies. It also provides a useful purpose, especially during the rainy spring months.
  • Picnic Baskets - A picnic basket can be stuffed with candy, toys, and other items such as a picnic blanket, water bottle, or sunscreen. You can then use the basket to take your children on an Easter Sunday picnic.
  • Baseball Caps - Does your child have a favorite sports team? If so, get a cap featuring your child's favorite team logo and fill it with Easter goodies.

Non Candy Easter Basket Ideas

Creative Commons Credit: Meg J on Flickr

Sometimes candy isn't a viable option. Whether your child has allergies, needs to cut back on sugar, or is simply too young for candy, there are non-candy Easter basket options to help you out. You can fill baskets with books, bubbles, children's gardening tools, jewelry, paint, crayons, markers, and pretty much anything that your child will enjoy.

If you're making a basket for an infant, consider putting in teething rings, teething biscuits, small rattles, bottles, and even some new onesies.

This Easter, keep things simple, fun, and creative by utilizing some of the ideas mentioned above. Do you have any creative ideas for Easter? Let me know in a comment below!

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