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From Self-Loathing To Self-Loving: 3 Steps To Turn Your Life Around

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Self-loathing begins in the way we look at ourselves.

  • We might look in the mirror and dislike the reflection staring back at us.
  • We might think words of self-loathing in our heads - I hate myself, I'm not good enough, I am unlovable.

Self-loathing then continues in the way we behave and act around others.

  • We fall prey to bad habits, as a means to make ourselves feel better, or as a way to perpetuate the loathing we feel about ourselves.
  • We avoid other people; if we can't love ourselves, we might assume other people are unlikely to offer that love to us themselves.

But to move forward in life, we need to break the cycle. If you are guilty of self-loathing (and many of us are), perhaps today is the day you turned things around. Perhaps today is the day you focused on self-love and not self-hate.

To help you, focus on the following steps towards self-love. You might then start appreciating yourself more, and find more fulfillment in the life you have been graced with.

Step 1: Remove the negativity from your life

This isn't an easy process, but it can be done.

If there are toxic people in your life; those people who perpetuate the way you feel, or who cause you to think badly about yourself, ditch them. Surround yourself with supportive people instead; those people who will lift you up and not bring you down.

And start to change your negative thought patterns. So, as examples, instead of dwelling on your worst physical features in the mirror, start to think about your best features. Instead of thinking about the things you can't do in life, start thinking about the things you can do well. Dwell on the positives, and not on the negatives.

In one of our previous articles, we went into more detail about removing negativity from your life, so have a read, and if anything relates to you, follow our suggestions.

Step 2: Seek support

To move from self-loathing to self-loving isn't easy, especially if negative thought patterns and destructive behavior patterns have become ingrained in your life.

Therefore, seek sources of help to assist you with the healing process that needs to take place.

As we suggested previously, you might want to surround yourself with people who love and care for you. Spend time with them, seek solace from them, and let their kindness envelop you.

You might want to seek professional support too. It might be through a therapist, a minister, a doctor, or a counselor. Ask for advice, offload the way you feel, and adhere to the words of wisdom they offer you.

And you might want to find other sources of support, be that through an online course that can bolster your emotional well-being, or through a self-help group where you can meet and benefit from other people who have suffered in similar ways to you.

You don't have to be alone and feel the way you do, so find help, actively looking for people and places where this can be found.

Step 3: Find ways to improve your life

The happier you are in life, the less self-loathing you should feel.

So, think. What can you do to be happier? What can you do to improve your life?

Could you take a course of study to help you overcome your perceived weaknesses? Could you spend more time doing the things you love? Could you spend more time with people who will mentor you and give your confidence a lift?

Sometimes, we need to take proactive steps to alter the way we feel, so don't procrastinate. Look for ways to improve both your happiness and confidence levels, and let them take precedence in your life. You might start thinking positively as a result, and in the process, you will start to heal.


Let love in today.

Love yourself, let others love you, do things that you love, and find ways to increase your capacity for self-love.

With more love in your life, the self-loathing will drift away, so follow our steps, and turn your life around for the better.

Thanks for reading x

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