Thursday, April 25, 2019

Host the Ultimate Kid's Birthday Party

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Hosting a birthday party for young children might sound like a disaster waiting to happen but inviting all your kid’s friends to your house is significantly cheaper than taking them all out. Plus, it gives you the freedom to put your creative hat on and throw a truly awesome party.

The trick for any successful party is doing as much prep beforehand as possible. This means that even if you are putting on some food and dressing the house up, you won’t spend the whole even flapping about trying to get everything done.


If you have a big garden, bringing the party outdoors is always a good idea. Outside it’s okay for the kids to be messy and a lot easier to set out a variety of activities. Plus, the kids can run around and between activities without causing total chaos.

The activities you choose should cover a range of energy levels. You can find high-quality bouncy castles for hire including bouncy slides which will appeal to the vast majority and putting out balls and hoops will encourage them to burn off more energy too. A craft and colouring table is also a nice addition for the quieter kids.


Party food is about bright colours and lots of fun and at the centre of the table a big cake. Making your own cake is a great way to save money and it’s not as hard as you might think to create something kids will love. You can buy ready coloured icing and plenty of sprinkles always go down well. If you’re in doubt, why not get the birthday kid to decorate their own cake using lots of sweets? Everyone will love that!

Making children’s party food is a great way to save money and ensure that everything is fun but don’t feel that you have to make everything. The most important thing is that the kids can easily access the food as and when they are hungry. You might want to have a specific buffet opening time but otherwise, put all the food on a low table and then let them eat as and when they want to.


If you are planning a themed birthday party, your theme is best conveyed through the decorations. Simple birthday themes are definitely recommended as they are usually cheaper to put together. For example, a rainbow theme is easy to pull off with a big sprinkles cake, lots of balloons and some bunting around the walls.

Kids love decorations they can play with so introducing inflatables is a good idea. You might also consider getting the kids involved with the decorations and having a cake decorating table is the perfect way to bring food, activity and decoration to a single area.

Hosting a kids party is all about giving your kids space to have fun, play and feel a bit special on their birthday. You don’t need to go crazy to have a good time but focusing your attention on these 3 key areas will definitely make a difference.

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