Monday, April 29, 2019

How to Have a Happy Dog

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Dogs are part of the family and you will want yours to be happy, just like every other family member. This is not difficult to achieve as they are very easily pleased, it just takes a bit of care and attention.

Feed Them Well

You have probably noticed that food is a big part of your dog’s life. Find food that they enjoy but that also has all the nutrients and vitamins they need to keep them healthy. A well-fed dog is always a happier dog.

Keep Their Water Bowl Fresh

Dogs drink plenty of water and it helps to keep them healthy. Always make sure that their water bowl is never empty and that it is filled with fresh water.

Lots Of Exercise

Unless they are old and frail, dogs need plenty of exercise. It is an essential part of their life and taking them a walk is good for you too. If you do not have the time to take them regular walks, on-demand dog walking is available with professionals who will treat your dog as well as you do. As long as they’re getting out, they'll be happy.

You Are Not A Vet (Or You Might Be)

Unless you are a vet, you should not try to treat your dog’s ailments yourself. Some treatments used for humans can be bad for dogs and if they are unwell you should visit your vet to get the right medication for them.

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Play With Them

Dogs love to play and you should have some fun with them at least once a day. You know when you get home, no matter how bad your day has been, there will be a wagging tail waiting to greet you. Playing with them strengthens the bonds between you and will make you both feel better.

Throwing a ball or a frisbee will delight them and they will get some extra exercise at the same time.

Check Their Toys

Dog toys are not very durable and will need replacing regularly. Keep your eye on the condition they are in, in case they become unsafe and buy your fur baby new ones often so that they have some variety in their playtime.

Learn Their Language

Life would be so much simpler if your dog could tell you when something is wrong. They will try to communicate that they are nervous or unwell, and it is just a case of you learning their language. If their tail is hanging low, for instance, this is often a sign that they are unhappy about something and it should never be ignored. Find out the cause of their problem and reassure them that all is well.

You should always listen when they bark too, as they do not normally make a row for no reason.

Let Them Sniff

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and you should let them sniff whenever they want to. It is how they learn about the world and how different places become familiar to them.

Dogs are usually loyal pets and if you keep your happy you will be rewarded with much love in return.

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