Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Quality Time: Bonding With Your Dog After You’ve Been Too Busy


We all feel it on occasion. We're just too busy to look after everyone in our lives properly. But does this mean that your dog should be on the receiving end of this? While you may do your best to look after them, perhaps you even take them on vacation, if you've had a very busy couple of weeks which is then transformed into a few months, guilt could creep up. But it's not about getting back into the old routine as a priority, but it's about making sure that you show them you still love them. This means you should make them feel a bit more special than before…

Refining Your Routine

While you may have a routine in place, you need to take a step back and look at how your dog can fit into your normal routine. You may have prepared a routine where it's you and the dog, but now you've got to figure out exactly what your priorities are and how your dog can fit in with this. It's important for you to set your priorities in life, but if you have a certain perspective of what is relaxing, watching TV, for example, is it not just as relaxing to take your dog for a quick stroll around the neighborhood? Even if you are tired, you can still sit in the garden and throw a ball to them so they are getting the benefits they need. You have priorities in life; just make sure that your dog is still a part of them.

Treating Them

Naturally, this is part of being guilty, but by treating them, it's going a little bit above and beyond the norm. Whether it's a waterproof dog collar, or a new bed, giving them a few little treats can go a long way. This gives you the chance to see them enjoy their latest plaything, so you have made amends to an extent. But this means that if you are constantly buying them items, you've got to think about if they're not a priority in your life anymore. You've got to treat them, but you've also got to focus on the quality time as well.

Remember, It's About Quality Time, Not Quantity

We can think that it's about long stretches of time. But this puts pressure on ourselves to spend more time with our dogs than is physically possible. As such, we've got to think about the quality of time with them, not the quantity. Because we can make the most of 10 minutes here and there, this is the best way to get down on the floor with them and play. We might feel too tired to look after them at the end of the day, but even five minutes is better than nothing. It's about making sure that they still feel loved.

They love you unconditionally, and we can take this for granted. If you're feeling guilty because you have been very busy, it's better to make amends now. Bonding with your dog all over again isn't a difficult thing, but be sure that you're not overcompensating them by buying them too many treats. Focus on quality time.

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