Thursday, April 11, 2019

Rest, Relaxation and Respite can Bring Much Needed Relief

Beavers Bend Log Cabins

The stresses and strains of modern life can really add up. Your body can start complaining at you via a stiff neck, back pain, ulcers or a variety of other symptoms. Physiological distress may call for physiological relief. Maybe what you need is a break. A real break. Making time to get away from the deadlines, phone alerts, and any nagging workaholic tendencies you may be having could make all the difference. But where should you go?

Take to the Trees

Getting out of the city and out of the rut is the first step to finding a place to unwind. Heading for areas in wooded areas can help provide a barrier from the noise of traffic and crowds. Areas with lots of trees may also have an atmosphere richer in oxygen than congested cities do. Find somewhere with cozy, rustic cabins nestled among aspens and pines such as at Beaver Bend lodging and you may have the perfect setting for letting go.

Creature Comforts

You don’t have to sleep on a pile of hay or camp on the hard ground to get away from your city routine. Choose somewhere that can pamper you with soft billowy bedding, a deep soaking tub or a hot tub. If you are taking the family for some quality time, make sure you arrange for lodging that is kid-friendly. If taking a service animal or small pet along, be sure to find somewhere that is pet-friendly as well.

Back to Nature

There is not much that beats waking up to golden rays of sunlight filtering through the leaves to create dappled shadows on your bedroom floor or a cacophony of gentle birdsong and the rippling of water in a nearby stream. Well, maybe a private deck where you can sit and gaze out over the lake as the mist rises in the morning comes in a close second. Enjoy a hike or go exploring and let your mind wander while your feet do.

Visit a Lake

There is a tranquil air about being near a lake. Whether you are floating lazily on a paddle boat, dangling your legs off the pier, or relaxing lakeside in an Adirondack chair, the water can certainly have a draw. And a lake is a great place for some family downtime. Do a little fishing, go for a swim or just have a good family water fight.

The main point is to allow your mind to relax as well as your body. Fill yourself back up so that when you get back to “reality” you have something more to give. Just breathe. It’s good for what ails you.

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