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Rooted: Finding Places For Plants Around Your Home

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Most people like the idea of living in a space which feels alive. Having living things surrounding you will make your home feel more peaceful, while also improving the quality of the air and making your home healthier. Not a lot of people feel confident when it comes to plant shopping, though, with worries that they will make mistakes which will damage their new green friends. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring some of the areas which are commonly found in modern homes, giving you the chance to fill them with plants which will be well-suited to the environment.

Shady Spots

When looking at areas which don’t get a huge amount of sunlight, a lot of people will assume that they won’t be able to keep something alive in them. In reality, though, there are loads of plants out there which thrive in places with very little light, and they can be perfect for many of the spots around your home. When you’re looking for plants like this, focusing on those which grow on forest floors can be helpful. These plants will grow without much sunlight in their natural habitat, making them used to the conditions you’re going to put them in. A lot of plants can still produce energy when they are indirect light.

While you can find a lot of plants which will survive in the shade, you often have to take extra care of plants like this. It will only take a bit of monitoring to make sure that they aren’t dying when you can save them. If you find that they are looking unhealthy, giving them an hour or two in direct light can often help, even when they are in very bad shape. There are loads of guides around the web which can teach you how to look after plants, making it easy to get started in this area without being too worried about making mistakes.

Window Sills

There are quite a few areas in the home which don’t offer much usable space. While there may be a surface for things to sit on, something like a window sill isn’t going to make a very good desk or table, as they will simply be too thin. To fill this space, a lot of people choose plants, though you have to be careful to make sure that you choose the right ones. Thanks to the sun rising and falling in the same places each day, it will be easy to tell how much sun a plant will get when it is sat on the sill, and you can achieve this goal by watching the room throughout the day.

If you find that your window doesn’t get much sun, it will make sense to look at the idea of shady plants, like the section above. For those which get a lot of light, though, you might want to be a little more careful. Very few plants can survive more than a few hours of sun each day. Mini plants, like succulents, can be a great idea, as they are easy enough to move around if you find that they are getting too much. Plants from arid places are usually the best for exposure to sunlight, but this is something worth researching for yourself.


Plants can make an excellent addition to a space like a bathroom, filtering the air and making the room feel a lot healthier. These rooms tend to be extremely humid compared to the other parts of your home, though, and this means that you have to look around for plants which will suit the sort of environment. There are loads of examples out there which will be very happy to collect most of their moisture from the air. Along with this, you can also find plants which will die if they are exposed to too much moisture in the air, making research critical at this stage.


There are loads of plants out there which have to deal with inhospitable environments in their natural habitats. To make up for the lack of water, nutrients, and other crucial elements they need, they will usually grow to be extremely hardy, and won’t suffer from the issues which other plants face. Ferns are a great example of this, with many of the examples of this plant being able to live for months without proper watering or sunlight. Having options like this will make it far easier to carry out your plant maintenance, with a lot of people happily forgetting about plants like this.

Hanging About

Modern homes are getting smaller and smaller as time goes by, with the space which they occupy coming at an increasingly high price. This leaves a lot of people without the space to fill their home with all of the plants they like. You probably have plenty of wall space, though, and this can provide you with an excellent chance to hang some plants. Most indoor plant websites will have plenty of options which will be suitable for hanging. It’s often far easier to find places which will catch some sunlight when you go down this route.

There are a lot of spaces around your home which can be great for plants. In most cases, though, making the right choices when you’re going down this path will be a challenge, and a lot of people will struggle to take the right steps. You can find plenty of resources around the web to support you with this. In fact, a lot of plant retailers will even provide the information you need on their product pages, giving their customers advice which will enable them to keep their plants alive for a very long time.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to start filling your home with plants. There are very few products which can have the same impact on a home as plantlife, making it well worth putting plenty of time and effort into this job.

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