Friday, April 5, 2019

To Move or To Remodel?
There are various reasons why a home may no longer be suited to our needs. This is usually the case when homeowners decide to start a family. When they originally bought their house, they might not have realized that they may one day start a family. But when they make that decision, they realize that they actually need a lot more floor space. Of course, having kids isn’t the only reason why you might need something different from your house, as there are many reasons why your family’s requirements might change.

Once things do change for you, though, you will need to think about something very important - should you move into a house that better fits your family or try to remodel your current one? It can be a difficult decision to make as both options can seem equally appealing and unappealing. These points might make it easier to decide.

Are You Ready For The Stresses Of Moving?

If you are leaning towards moving home, you need to remind yourself just how stressful this whole process can be. Are you sure you are ready to go through all of that again? If you have only just moved into your current house in the past few years, then you might not want to go through all the faff and stress that normally comes with moving. But don’t forget that there will be some stress if you decide to remodel your home as well - it just depends which one you are most willing to experience.

You Might Not Get Permission To Remodel

Depending on how you are going to remodel your home, you might need to see about getting planning permission. This will almost certainly be the case if you are going to extend the property or convert the loft area into a new bedroom. It’s essential that you apply for planning permission. If you try to remodel without the correct permissions then you could end up being fined or made to revert the building work. As you can probably tell, that could prove to be extremely expensive! Sometimes, it can be very difficult to get a planning application passed. If you struggle to get the right form of permission for your remodel, you might be left with little choice but to move.

Consider Your Budget

Your decision whether to move or remodel might largely rest on your budget. Generally speaking, it can be a lot more expensive to move house than to remodel your current one. That’s because you will have to find the funds to purchase a new property as well as paying for various services like a removal firm and packers. You will also need to pay tax on the new house. In most cases, all of this expense will add up and end up costing a lot more than what you would pay to have all the remodeling work done. Not only that, though, but you could find some extra cash to put towards your remodeling by refinancing your home. It’s worth checking refinance home loan rates before you do decide to go down this route. Otherwise, you might be stung with some very high interest rates.

Moving Could Improve Your Neighborhood

One advantage that some people find when they move is that they could find a new home in a neighborhood that is better than the one they currently live in. Every town and city has its good and bad areas and I’m sure you would much rather live in one of the better spots. These are usually the neighborhoods with low crime rates and excellent facilities and amenities, such as schools, supermarkets, libraries, and doctors surgeries. The better neighborhoods are often a lot less built up as well, and will have a lot of greenery and parkland. If you aren’t so keen on your current neighborhood, it could be worth thinking about moving just to see if there are any affordable houses in your preferred areas.

If You Move, You Won’t Have To Deal With Contractors

When you remodel a home, you will have to hire a lot of different contractors to take care of the work for you. These will include the likes of builders, plasters, electricians, and laborers, depending on the kind of remodeling you want done. Managing so many different specialists can be very tricky and you might find that it can get overwhelming quickly, especially if you have never done anything like this before. If you are daunted by the prospect of working with different contractors but have your heart set on remodeling, you could always think about hiring a project manager to liaise between everyone and manage them for you.

Remodeling Can Be Done To Your Exact Specifications

Do you have some very precise specifications for your new home? If so, then remodeling might be the only way to achieve them. There is no guarantee that you will find another house on the market that matches such specific requirements. At least if you remodel your home, you will be able to complete the work in such a way that the house ends up matching to your needs exactly. It will be worth speaking to an architecture and builder before you draw up any final plans to make sure that your specifications are achievable.

You Could Be Emotionally Attached To Your Current Home

How long have you lived in your current house for? If the answer is more than a decade or so, you might be extremely emotionally attached to it. That will especially be the case if it’s the home where you brought up your children and they achieved important life milestones within its four walls. If you aren’t willing to leave behind all of these emotions and memories in the house, then you might be better off with remodeling.

There is no denying just how big this decision can be. You will need to sit down and carefully go through the pros and cons of each option to figure out which is the best one for you.

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