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Budget Friendly Family Day Ideas

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When the kids are off school and the boredom starts to creep in, it can be hard to keep everyone occupied whilst not spending a fortune. Especially with kids of different ages, finding a few ideas to that’ll grab each of their attentions can seem like an absolutely impossible task. However, the following tips should send you in the right direction to entertain the masses without breaking the bank in the process!

Cooking Up A Storm

Now, the first thought you might have about cooking with your kids is the mess that usually comes with it. However if you’re able to look past this factor, it’s actually a great bonding exercise for you all to take part in together, and it will help your kids to learn essential skills both in the kitchen and with regards to working with one another to create something for everyone to enjoy afterwards. Buying some fresh produce for them to work with is not an expensive venture, and thousands upon thousands of recipes can be found online for you to use, completely free of charge. There’s a dish out there for everyone to try, and it can easily be done again and again. Host a Mexican night and make tacos and quesadillas, add a Chinese twist and whip up a noodle stir fry or try something completely new and encourage your kids to get creative and invent a dish of their own.

The Great Outdoors

With every generation that passes, modern families are spending more and more time indoors using technology. There are so many wonders of natural beauty for your kids to discover, probably even right on your doorstep, and it’s so important for their health so get some fresh air and exercise away from the roads and pollution in usual towns or cities. Parks and green spaces are free to enter, and it's a great opportunity to make a picnic before you go to take along and enjoy together on the grass in the sunshine. Within bigger parks there might be some cycling or hiking trails you can try! Encourage your kids to switch off their electronic games and smartphones in order to wholly appreciate their surroundings and encourage them to connect more with the Earth rather than the internet. Bring some sports equipment with you like footballs or frisbees and set up some little games or competitions for them to play - this way they’ll burn off excess energy and you’ll have an easier bedtime when get home.


Another great day trip idea is heading out to a museum of some kind. With art, history and science all boasting their own respective establishments, there are enough museums available to satisfy a child of any age! Many of these places are government funded, meaning they ask for a small donation but you aren’t actually obligated to pay a fee for entering. As well as viewing the exhibits, most of the bigger museums give you the opportunity to attend a few different kids workshops or some kind of related endeavor to appeal to them and pass on the information in a different way. These are usually great fun for them to take part in, and continue on with the cost-free theme.

Making Art

One of the best ways to encourage creativity in your children is by allowing them to get a little messy and make some of their own art. Probably best to be done in the garden, making a painting or sculpting a masterpiece out of clay can keep your kids occupied for hours on end. Even household ingredients can be used in times of need, and a pasta and glitter portrait made by your son or daughter can hang proudly on the kitchen fridge for years to come. For something a bit more dedicated, head to a craft store and invest in a large roll of paper, some paints and other cheap materials. Dress your little ones in some old clothes and let them go crazy with their imagination. Have a competition among your family, and don’t be afraid to get involved yourself and go back to being their age again. It doesn’t cost a lot for the supplies but you really can get hours of fun!

Day Trip

Taking your whole family on a day trip to some kind of attraction can often carry a hefty price tag. However, there are many ways you can still visit some of the best places around without spending a fortune! Search for some discount Disneyland tickets to have an amazing day out at a popular attraction whilst saving some cash. To make it even cheaper, pack your own lunch to take with you to avoid spending extra on expensive meals or snacks when you get there. Do some research to avoid any hidden fees or find extra savings.

Staying At Home

Having a family day doesn’t have to mean piling everyone into the car and driving around for hours. You can have just as much fun at home by getting some movies, snacks and blankets and sitting together on the sofa in front of the TV. Especially on colder days, it’s so lovely to hang out together and get cozy whilst watching something funny or heart-warming for a few hours. Get some corn kernels and have the kids make their own popcorn, adding ingredients like butter, salt or sugar. It’s often a lot cheaper to buy several DVDs than it is to take your kids to the cinema to watch just one movie, and snacks made at home are much healthier than the hot dogs available from the food stall.

By taking these hints and tips into consideration when planning your next family day, you can save some money whilst having the best experience possible. Just remember to shop around for vouchers, encourage more outdoor activities, and get creative when it comes to having to stay inside. Hopefully now you will be able to make the most of your time as a family without burning a hole in your purse!

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