Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Could Talking Help To Tackle Your Anxiety?

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When we talk about mental health, many of us jump straight to issues like depression. This is a condition which has, at last, been getting the attention it deserves in recent years. It often comes first on the mental health watchlist because it’s so widely spread, with many of us falling foul at some stage.

But, there’s one mental illness which is actually more extensive and looks set to get worse. We are, of course, talking about anxiety. This crippling condition, often manifesting in panic attacks and obsessive thoughts, is the most common mental illness in the U.S. In fact, over 40 million adults suffer every year. Still, anxiety is a largely undiscussed issue. So much so that only 36.9% of sufferers ever speak out and get the help they need.

If you’re one of those 40 million, the chances are that you’ve developed various coping mechanisms of your own. Options like meditation and yoga are fantastic methods which are making a real difference for many. But, despite all the ways we cope, one key factor is missing: talking about anxiety.

Even those of us who develop ways to help ourselves fail to speak out. That’s terrible news considering that talking can go a long way towards tackling anxiety. That’s why talking therapies are one of the leading anxiety treatment options available today. And, therapy isn’t even the only choice. Those who are too anxious to talk face-to-face could always head to online support groups like Supportiv which have individual anxiety categories. This way, sufferers get to talk things through while remaining anonymous and safe at home. But, just why is talking so useful for tackling anxiety, and why should you risk speaking out in the first place?

A chance to build a support network

Many would argue that the best benefit of speaking out is the chance to develop a support network. Too often we forget that people can’t help us if they don’t know what’s going on. How can your friends support you if they don’t understand the extent of your anxiety? The second you speak out, though, you can begin developing a support network who know what you’re going through. Support platforms could even mean finding new friends who have first-hand experience. Once your support network is in place, you can rest easy that you can call on them whenever you’re struggling. That alone can go a long way towards helping you to manage your symptoms. It can also help to eliminate isolation, which often comes hand-in-hand with anxiety.

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A way to confront things head on

Often, anxiety develops out of the things we don’t do or talk about. It’s the unspoken fear in the back of our minds, of the issues which we aren’t addressing. They linger in the background and leave us on edge. But, there’s no way that they can do that if you start to talk things through. Whether you reach out to a friend or therapist, the mere act of talking will help you confront the things you’re avoiding. This can, in turn, help to bring your problems down to size. More often than not, anxiety involves blowing issues up in our minds or viewing them as more impenetrable than they are. Just talking it out could show you that isn’t the case at all. And, that could be the thing which helps you put your anxiety to bed.

A chance to take the pressure off

People suffering from anxiety also tend to feel a lot of pressure when navigating simple tasks. Many describe anxiety as being like a staircase, which they don’t have the energy to climb some days. The trouble is that, if you don’t speak about your anxiety, canceling arrangements or avoiding friends can come across as rude. This can then exacerbate anxiety even more. But, that’s something you can avoid altogether by talking things through. As soon as your support group knows about your anxiety, you’ll be able to explain why you can’t come to that party or make that dinner date. This can ensure that you’re able to get the rest you need on days like these, instead of making yourself feel worse.

No one said that talking about anxiety would be easy. In fact, it’s one of the hardest things for any anxiety sufferer to do. It certainly means stepping outside of your comfort zone to start. But, the second you break the silence, you might find that you can start regaining control of your life.

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