Friday, May 3, 2019

Essential Oils For Soothing Your Sore Muscles


You’re a healthy person, and you want to stay that way. You want to be someone who can wake up in the morning after a long and lovely night’s sleep, and roll out of bed with no need to crack your back or feel grouchy. You want to head to work with a smile on your face, and some good food inside you, to make sure you can get through the day. But more than anything, you want to be able to stay strong and supple, the older and more active you get.

And when you have some essential oils on your hands, you’ll find doing just that an easier time than most. Sore muscles are often a natural part of life, say after exercise or a long day on your feet, but they shouldn’t be a persistent symptom that drags you down! So here’s just a couple common problems and a very quick list of some oils you might find useful.

When You Have Some Swelling

If you’ve got some swollen joints or inflamed muscles right now, you’re going to want an oil that can target both with the kind of effectiveness that’ll wipe all the pain you’re feeling away. Of course, there’s always a chance an essential oil will do little to nothing for you, and that’s why you should always stay up to date on things like CBD oil benefits, but people have sworn by these mixes since time immemorial. They must do something right!

So, if you’ve had a workout session that’s left you feeling a bit stiff from the swelling in your back or your legs, be sure to look into oils such as Marjoram. This kind of oil is known for its ability to remove the pain of inflammation, especially in places like your neck and your shoulders. You could also try Eucalyptus oil here - it’s a cooling oil, which makes it very good at keeping inflammation down, the way an icepack would when applied to a twisted ankle.

When There’s Tension in Your Joints

Joint tension can be a real disruption in your life, seeing as it weakens your ankles and your wrists, and makes sure your elbows are a little more scratched up than usual. And that’s where essential oils can step in: if you’re looking to calm down any strain shaking you might be experiencing, or if some of your muscles have been going through regular spasms over the past couple of days, these are the bottles for you.

Something like Cypress oil could go a long way here, especially if you get cramps in your legs or your arms. It can also improve the circulation in your body, meaning the blood can pass through your veins a lot smoother than usual, and help to administer faster healing due to the increased blood pressure in the sore part of your muscles.

If you’re looking to soothe some aches and pains, make sure you give essential oils a try first of all.

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