Monday, May 6, 2019

For The Joy Of Cats

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If you have a feline, or you are considering owning one in the near future, then you need to read onto discover the sheer joy of having cats in your home. Forget dogs and their neediness, it’s the humble, aloof cat that deserves some recognition. Our moggies are our fur friends for life. They are loving, fun and ridiculously cute. So why doesn’t everyone have one or two… or ten? The mad cat lady gets a bad rep but she’s probably obscenely happy and loves every single one of her feline pals. Take a look at why cat ownership will bring you the ultimate joy and happiness.

The Aloofness Is Sprinkled With A Touch Of Neediness

While most dog people will state that cats are reserved, selfish and aloof, they are wrong. Sure, a cat will head outside through the catflap when she fancies a wander, but she will curl up on your lap for a snuggle and a chin rub. The thing with a cat is that things need to be on their terms. You think that you’ve welcomed a new creature into your home, but she thinks that you are the one encroaching on her turf. She will be territorial but also fiercely loyal. If your cat hot foots it outdoors for a wander now and then, you can be sure that she will return.


Cats are fun to have around. They don’t just sit in front of fire sleeping all day. As a moggy owner, you need to provide an environment that they will find stimulating. If your cat doesn’t care much for the outdoors then you will have to find indoor cat activities and toys for her to enjoy. String toys, stuffed mice and catnip infused chews will give your cat the much needed exercise she requires. Playing with your feline friend is also a great bonding activity. Don’t be surprised if ten minutes into your game of flying stuffed fish chase, your moggy quits the game and snuggles into your lap for some strokes. Cats adore attention and love to be the center of everything, but only on their terms. Reach down to pick her up when she’s not feeling it, and you might get hissed at or worse.

They Play Jokes On Us

Cats have a knack for knowing when we need some privacy and will go out of their way to ensure that we don’t get it. If you have a cat, you will know the joy of heading for a shower only for your usually aloof cat to suddenly require more fuss than they’ve ever needed before. You leap out of the shower without any time to get dry before your fur friend slyly creeps away deciding that she’s no longer bothered. All this effort to get you out of the shower. She exerts her power expertly through meowing like her life depends on it, and having us wrapped around her little paw. Cats are cleverer than we think. But they are also fun, challenging and enjoyable to have around.

Our feline friends are perfect companions if we have busy lives. Unlike a dog that requires someone at home pretty much all day, a cat will fit into our lifestyle much more easily. If you want a pet and a friend and a loyal companion, consider the joys of cat ownership.

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