Friday, May 24, 2019

Freelancing On The Go

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Freelancing is one of the coolest things that you can do. It gives you the freedom of being your own boss, and in a lot of cases, you’ll always be guaranteed work. So that means that whilst you might still be assigned work by another company and told what to do, there’s no stopping you going on holiday the next day, without even having to ask anyone. But we know that it’s not all roses in the park, just like any job, being a freelancer will have its downfalls. But we don’t want to talk about those today, we want to make life easier. No matter what it is that you do, and why it is that you’re a freelancer, you should still be looking for ways that you can make your life more on the go, and actually make your life as a freelancer… more free. There are not many limitations. Most things that people do as freelancers, such as writing or photography, can be done all around the world. So, we want to start swaying you towards life as a freelancer on the go, and we think this article will really help you. Keep on reading, and see if we can change the freelancer life that you live!

Getting Your Freelance Work Built Up

Before you think about doing anything with this, you’re really going to have to think about getting your freelance work built up. Although you will be on the go and working still, it’s going to be really beneficial for you to build up a nice wage from what you do, so that you always have something to fall back on. Because sometimes if you’re on the go and getting custom in different areas, or doing whatever it is that you do in different areas, you’ll find it’s hard to get custom. And if you do something like blogging or writing, it can be so easy to get distracted when you’re in a new place, and work can take a little bit of back seat. So if you can get some constant work flowing first, you will then find that it’s so much easier to actually be on the go, without feeling the stress of money! If you feel like you’re getting stressed out with money when you are on the go, then it might be worth returning back home and anchoring yourself essentially, just for a little bit until you earn some savings back again. But even if you were to keep doing this every few months, it’s better than not doing it at all!

Discovering A Life On The Go

Having a life on the go is the best thing that you can do. There’s so much of the country you live in that you will not have explored, and there’s so much in this world that you just won’t have explored either. Now when you’re freelance, we’ve already said about the benefit that you’ve got of being able to do what you want...within reason. So if you’re a blogger, vlogger, writing, or photographer, or anything along the lines of that, then you’re in the market to move around. At first, we’d recommend starting in your own country, and just have some fun moving from town to town, exploring as you go. You can work remotely, so it’ll be like travelling and earning all into one. Then, if the freelancing you do will allow, you can start to think about going abroad and doing some things over there. Even if you just go for a week, and then come right back. You don’t have to stop working if you can’t afford to, but you still get to see so many cool parts of the world! You can meet new people along the way, and you could even find new job opportunities around the world. Unless you have any major commitments at home, there’s no reason why you can’t do this. But even if you do, there’s no reason why you can’t go away for a little while, and then come back for a few weeks.

Keeping Things Normal Back Home

But if you do fall in love with a life on the go, then what is going to happen back home if you’re away so much. Because most of you will want a base to come back to, and somewhere to call home. But if you’re leaving your home for long periods of time, ti can be easy for it to feel a little empty, and even the maintenance to it can stop. So if you’re pretty home proud, and would want to make sure that you always come back to something that looks incredible, you could have a look into companies such as SwiftClean. These will come into your home and clean it for you, whenever they’re booked in to do so. Whether you’re there or not, they will do the jobs that you just can’t find the time to do. This is such a handy service for someone who is always on the go and that has a busy lifestyle!

Remembering The Essentials

So living the lifestyle that you might be able to lead as a freelancer, can make you forget about all of the things that are actually involved with being a freelancer. With things like taxes and bills to pay, it can be so hard to forget when you’re on the go. So one thing you can do, is to make sure you have a good accountant on your hand, that will manage your taxes and other self employed related finances for you, monthly. That way you don’t have to stress about it when you’re on the go, and having your money managed for you when you are on the go so much and don’t have the time, is essential! You also need to remember to put little bits away in a pension pot, because you never know when you might want to retire, and if it will be early!

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