Saturday, May 4, 2019

Freelancing Through Pregnancy


Having a baby is tough. Almost as soon as you find out that you are expecting you struggle with symptoms like morning sickness, tiredness, aches, pains, and mood swings. While a lot of the more intense early symptoms, such as sickness, for most of us fade the further into the pregnancy we get, the last few months come with their own challenges. You’re bigger and a different shape. Your hips and lower back might be especially achy. Your feet and ankles might swell, being on your feet for too long could prove problematic, and you might start to find that life is frightfully uncomfortable, even when you’re not doing much.

Most employees start to count down the days until they can stop work and go on maternity leave, whether they plan to return after the birth or not. They long for a few weeks rest before the baby comes, and look forward to not having to worry about surviving days at work anymore.

But, what about when you’re not an employee? When you work as a freelancer things can be more difficult. There are no co-workers to help and support you. There’s no one to arrange time off or hold the fort. You might not even be entitled to any kind of maternity pay, which can mean that you try to work for as long as possible. It can be tough. Let’s take a look at some ways to cope with pregnancy as a freelancer.

Look After Yourself

The priority for any pregnant woman should be taking care of themselves. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, filled with energy boosting foods. You might want to start carrying healthy snacks around with you to increase your energy levels and help combat morning sickness. Drink lots of water, sleep when you can and keep up to date with doctors visits.

Get Comfy

As a freelancer, you probably try to work in your sweats or comfy clothes as much as possible anyway. But, this is even more important in late pregnancy. Find some great maternity clothes which are comfortable at home, but also smart for meeting clients and customers.

Start Saving

Whether you are entitled to any kind of maternity pay or benefits will depend on where you live and how much you work. Do your research and find out everything that you need to know as soon as possible. But, whatever you find it never hurts to have a little saved. Even if it’s only required to cover time off for doctors appointments and sick days, give yourself as big a financial buffer as you can.


What you can outsource will depend on what you do. But, every little helps. Even if it’s just hiring a cleaner for a few hours a week, or getting your partner to do more cooking, you might also be able to hire a VA, someone to look after your social media feeds, a writer or a proofreader.

Make the Most of Passive Income

Passive income is ideal, both now, when you need a break and in the future when you literally have no time. Passive income is the kind that takes a little effort to start but then continues to earn money without you doing much. High income could come from creating a course that runs online, without your input, while smaller earnings might be made from placing ads on your website or adding affiliate links to posts.

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