Friday, May 3, 2019

How To Save On Costs For Your Blog Business

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Whether you are running your blog as a full-time business or as a side hustle, there are going to be certain costs that you’ll be expected to pay for and these can all impact on what you make through your blog. So here is how you can save on costs for your blog business.

Get Eco-Friendly

You can actually save money by being more eco-friendly when it comes to what you use for your blog on a daily basis. When it comes to stationery, anything that needs writing or printing on can go cheaper paper that’s recycled or made from other alternatives such as hemp paper. Refilling your ink cartridges can save you more money than buying new ones every time, plus it’s beneficial for the environment.

Set A Budget

Just like any business, it’s wise to set yourself a budget when it comes to spending on your blog. Reinvesting money into your blog is certainly beneficial and can help towards the growth of your blog business. So note down what you need to spend money on for your blog. It might be hiring a virtual assistant to help with scheduling social media posts. It could be assigning a small budget each month to go towards paid advertisements or a new web design to revamp the site.

This will help you avoid overspending on various parts of the business or it can help with extra money that you may have to go towards something.

DIY Your Business Cards

When it comes to promotional material, it’s useful to have business cards for when you’re attending events and networking opportunities. You never know who could be attending these events, so it’s good to have a handful on you if there’s an opportunity to dish them out. However, having business cards designed can be expensive, so you might want to cut down the costs by designing the logo and card itself and then shopping around for the cheapest local printing companies to print them off for you. Try and keep your contact details the same so that you’re able to bulk order a load and save money. If not, then stick with the same printing company who can keep your design on file for easily reprinting.

Save On Your Materials

Depending on what type of photography you take on your blog, for any flatlays, it’s worth sourcing your backgrounds from bits and pieces you’ll find around your home, outside the home and through family and friends. Beg, borrow and steal what you can and don’t spend a fortune on marble and wood because there’s plenty of sticky back wallpaper that has the same effect but for a fraction of the cost.

Running a blog business has many perks, and if you’ve started earning an income, you want to make sure all of that profit is staying mostly in your bank account. You’ve worked hard to earn it so take these tips on board to reduce the amount you spend, and you can then reinvest it going forward.

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